• Capco Digital
  • Published: 07 October 2020
In episode two of Capconversation, we meet Dr George Calhoun, Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Calhoun’s fascinating career journey began in the high-tech segment of the wireless communications industry in the 1980s. He is a co-founder of InterDigital Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: IDCC), where he was involved for twelve years in the pioneering development of digital cellular technology, including the first systems based on TDMA technology (the architecture underlying approximately 80 percent of today's cellular networks). 
Episode highlights include: 

1)  Behavioral and process changes and learnings in financial services from COVID-19 
2)  Why markets are shifting faster in this economic crisis than previous 
3)  Lessons from wireless tech industry business to financial academia  
4)  The tried and tested recipe for retaining tech customers 
5)  How IP and finance has fundamentally changed since the 1980s 
6)  How the Stevens Institute of Technology is bringing new perspectives into Financial services, and the role of financial academia and thought leadership in 2020
7)  Writing Price and Value: A Guide to Equity Market Valuation Metrics
8)  Introducing SHIFT: a highly realistic market testbed platform for traders, market makers exchange operators and regulators to thoroughly probe new pieces of software going into today’s financial markets
9)  Why the bond market is critical to EU survival 
10)  How Capco is working with the Stevens Institute to promote leading-edge research and education to support the fast-changing technological requirements of the financial services industry.

Find out more about Capco’s partnership with The Stevens Institute of Technology and SHIFT.

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