Embracing Data to Improve Insurer Exposure Management 

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  • Anurag Jha, Lauren Perry, Shea Bailey, Caleb Chikatimelli
  • Published: 21 June 2023


An increase in man-made and climate-driven natural disasters is forcing the insurance industry to evolve new risk management strategies that can keep net losses in line with each company's risk appetite. Exposure management is critical to this endeavor because it aims to identify, anticipate, and evaluate the risk associated with each policy, helping insurers to aggregate, quantify and limit financial loss across their portfolios.
The insurance industry remains behind the curve in adopting new technology and maturing its data capabilities, compared to other industries. Today's insurance companies are often let down by weak data management strategies, including in relation to natural and manmade catastrophe risk exposures.
This paper discusses the challenges that insurers face and explores how they can establish a fit-for-purpose exposure management framework to help make better data-driven decisions. 
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