Platform Transformation

Private banks are looking to enhance the digital capabilities for both clients and the firm’s front office, often moving from a multi-platform legacy environment with inconsistent global product offerings and deficiencies in the client reporting and data management space. This means greatly improving the overall experience via a rich feature set, collaboration capabilities, and improved look-and-feel across client portal, advisor, portal, and mobile. We work with leading and emerging fintech solution providers to provide a unified platform with multi-channel capabilities.

LIBOR Transition

Globally financial institutions and asset managers are in preparation for the cessation of IBOR interest rates. The introduction of risk-free rates (RFRs) as an alternative to existing IBOR rates is entering into the later stages of the transition, providing borrowers with an array of suitable alternatives to meet their liquidity and capital needs. Capco helps institutions establish their own transition program, supporting new product development, operational readiness, the descaling of existing IBOR based sales, and migrating the existing back-book away from IBOR.

Portfolio Analytics

A critical objective of all wealth managers is to understand risk and make informed investment decisions on behalf of their clients. Portfolio risk analysis is often a highly manual, time-consuming process, and wealth managers often have challenges evaluating risk. New technology platforms empower wealth managers to overcome these challenges, leveraging technology to gather, categorize, and analyze risk in a more robust and sophisticated way than ever before. Capco helps the client achieve competitive differentiation by defining and implementing leading portfolio analytics solutions.


Wealth managers and banks that can develop a holistic digital offering that meets clients’ growing hyper-personalization expectations will be well-positioned to consolidate client assets and establish multi-generational relationships. Capco has a proven team of experts who can design and implement tailored platforms to improve the digital private banking experience and enable advisors to better serve the private bank customers.