Retail banking

With a deliberate focus on propelling forward client experience, market outcomes and internal performance, we see banks focusing on the following key areas: delivering new and enhanced products and product features organically and via partnerships; utilizing product syndication and focusing on converging product offerings, and internally enhancing customer service management utilizing new technologies and enabling the migration of transactions towards self-service channels. Capco supports clients end-to-end with all this and more.

Commercial Banking

In commercial banking, Capco focuses on adding value across four key areas: re-imagining digital services to improve client experiences, rationalizing platform and operations centers to drive efficiencies, streamlining commercial onboarding, and deploying AI, machine learning, and RPA to enhance processes. Our deep understanding and extensive experience within the top global commercial banking firms helps us serve as a valuable partner and guide, supporting our clients to drive a competitive advantage amid a rapidly changing landscape.

Small Business banking

Having made major advancements in consumer banking experiences, banks are shifting their focus towards the attractive profitability profile of the small business segment. Banks are focusing on monetizing new and enhanced digital capabilities to enable customers to do business and interact with their respective clients, suppliers, and employees more effectively. Capco supports clients through parallel delivery and intelligently repurposing and growing retail and consumer infrastructure to accelerate small business modernization.