Grow or Die. That simple statement is as true in financial services today as any other industry. Fortunately, today’s market presents incredible opportunities for new entrants, as well as established incumbents who are bold enough to seize them.

But developing a winning growth strategy is never easy - if it were, everyone would be achieving double-digit growth. Success requires a clear vision and understanding of your customer, competition and core competencies. This is where we can help.


Capco’s Strategy team partners with clients across the financial services landscape to define various paths to organic and inorganic growth. We take a highly collaborative workshop-based approach that builds buy-in at every step of the process. Our approach is grounded in deep industry experience and highly tailored research and has four key elements:

First, we work with our clients to define the vision and growth goals as a 'North Star' for the strategy effort.

Second, we define critical choices such as geographical focus, client focus, line of business focus and product/service focus, considering client demand, the competition and the organization’s core competencies.

Third, we define winning differentiation strategies that allow our clients to enter a new market or take market share by competing on product innovation, client experience, or new business models, or all the above to create unique value.

Finally, we define the operating model and capabilities required to implement the strategy, culminating in an executable roadmap and business case that identifies risks and opportunities, allowing our clients to move forward with confidence.