Capco’s fintech experience makes us ideally positioned to support banks in navigating and driving innovation. We provide knowledge and insights about the digital world, drawing upon real-world experience. We offer strategic guidance, customer-focused training, industry service packages, exclusive content and stand-alone implementation solutions. Our product training is available via onsite and online courses and workshops.



Today’s fast-moving markets require the swift iteration of creative products, solutions and business models. We work with you to identify and initiate new ideas and test them in our lab. We tailor our approach to your needs and draw upon our proven in-house Agile and Design Thinking methodologies. From developing new solutions within a week and prototyping in parallel with your daily business activities, we offer innovation and autonomy to empower your organisation.



With our extensive digital transformation experience and expertise, we guide our clients in selecting and integrating the right fintech solutions, both in Switzerland and internationally. We take on all project management responsibilities to ensure smooth and impactful coordination with you and your chosen fintech. We deliver initial evaluations of fintech offerings, feasibility analyses, proof of concepts (PoCs) and business landscape assessments to structure the right solution for you, from business models through to integration with legacy IT ecosystems.



Demand among bank customers for interactions via chat, video or voice, unshackled by location and time of day, is only accelerating. Such ‘conversational banking’ will continue to shape the digitalisation of the banking business. We help banks evaluate how best to integrate conversational banking solutions to deliver a complete end-to-end service from a single source. We also offer rapid prototyping (mock-up, wireframe and final prototype) covering the key stages of conceptualisation prior to the actual programming phase.