Financial institutions are drawing on their experiences during the pandemic to re-assess the advantages and disadvantages of onsite, remote, nearshore and offshore working models in preparation for the post-COVID ‘new normal’.

As organizations look to reintegrate workforces post COVID-19, there is a clear recognition that alternate working models have both proved effective from a productivity perspective and offer the potential for cost savings.

Current remote working environments and collaboration models have been defined rapidly to address the challenges posed by the pandemic. Looking forward, firms are drawing on those experiences to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of four working models:

  • Onsite
  • Remote
  • Nearshore
  • Offshore

A hybrid operating, multi-sourcing model combining these different options will in almost all cases prove the most effective approach. However, finding the right balance between them is a challenge, being dependent on individual operating models, technology infrastructures, the status of digitizalition programmes, and organizational flexibility.

Capco’s offering includes:

  • Supporting cost management initiatives and enhancing organizational efficiency to define the best location setup
  • Providing hybrid, nearshore and offshore services