The Genesis of the Digital Innovation Labs


  • Capco Digital
  • Published: 05 November 2020

Capco’s Digital Innovation Labs in New York bring together best-in-class PHDs, data scientists, designers, prototyping teams and fintech to shake up the everchanging world of financial services. In this episode, we chat to Nic Parmaksizian, Partner and Head of Capco Digital, to find out how the Digital Labs came to be and what makes him tick.

Episode highlights include:

1. The shift from selling to servicing, and creating truly customer-centric financial products

2. Growing challengers and using guerrilla marketing tactics

3. Maintaining integrity and culture in management consulting

4. The importance of mentoring in financial services and paying it forward

5. Shifting mindsets in the start-up world

6. The importance in pioneering entrepreneurial spirit and having fun in consulting

7. What digital innovation has yet to deliver.

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