How Capco Developed A Custom Application, Providing Secure Access To SCADA Data  


Recently, access to SCADA data and control systems has become more and more restrictive due to organizational cybersecurity programs. As a result, specific users can only access control systems from within a control room, or remotely via multiple of layers of authentication making it difficult for other users, executives, field technicians, gas supply analysts and planning analysts to access SCADA data needed for critical business operations.  

The client, a major natural gas distributor and pipeline operator, needed to consolidate view access to multiple SCADA systems and provide mobile access to key personnel while maintaining strict critical infrastructure protection standards.  


With the continued focus on cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and operational technologies across all areas in the organization, the client needed a solution to enable maintenance of key business functions, provide customized views of SCADA data across the enterprise, and generate user-defined alerts while ensuring cybersecurity standards and guidelines are in place to protect critical systems from today‚Äôs global threats.  


  • Performed detailed current state assessment of existing application functionality and facilitated requirements gathering focus group sessions 
  • Performed buy vs. build analysis 
  • Developed solution with customized views to enterprise SCADA data, monitoring, alerts based on custom, user-defined thresholds 
  • Provided program management, business analysis, architecture, design, development, testing and training of new custom developed SCADA solution  
  • Used agile methodologies to provide incremental functionality and ensure alignment with client requirement.  


Capco provided the client with an enterprise-wide responsive designed custom web application that enables proactive monitoring and management of critical pipeline devices, mitigating operational risk of system failure:  

  • A single access point for all the SCADA data across the organization 
  • User-controlled interface based on organizational structure and preferences 
  • Real-time alerting based on user-defined thresholds 
  • Ability to view historical data and charts to identify trends 
  • Flexibility to configure, schedule and receive emails and text alerts  

The solution included enterprise application access that functions on a mobile or desktop device. Capco deliverables included source code for the solution and project management methodology artefacts.