"Capco’s structure and size are huge pluses."

Joined Capco: 2018
Role:         Principal Consultant, Digital
Primary skills: Strategy
Interests: Japan, psychology, crypto

I grew up in a little village near Cologne and studied Economics at a university in Switzerland. I’ve always tried to look at the ‘bigger picture’ in life and take a particular interest in human behavior, why people act in a certain way and what that can teach us to the benefit of our clients and their customers. I find the Japanese culture fascinating, and in that spirit I strive to be grateful and humble, and to put the collective interest ahead of my own.

A headhunter flagged Capco to me and when I got in touch with the company I immediately liked the people I first met – a Managing Principal from Capco Digital and a Senior Partner with a strategy and banking background. Dealing with them was tough but stimulating, and I felt positive about working for a financial-services focused consultancy. My lasting impressions of my first day was a fellow colleague who acted as a peer-level mentor for me, which made the process of onboarding and getting familiar with all the new tools and processes so much easier. We remain firm friends to this day.

Capco's structure and its size are huge pluses. People are approachable, regardless of status or the demands of their schedule. Hierarchical behavior is not welcome at the company. There is plenty of opportunity to talk to your coach and to senior colleagues – and if you’ve been doing good work, there will be creative options available to give your career the spin you’re looking for. Since joining, I have been involved in establishing a digital banking brand and in rebuilding a universal bank’s global infrastructure; and these days I am getting into UX/UI and methods of strategic creativity. I believe lifelong learning is possible, necessary and to be encouraged. I am continuously gaining new skills and insights both from my senior and junior colleagues.

At Capco, we are increasingly looking at the longer-term picture, which is what is required in today’s client environment. Sales cycles are longer, projects are more complex, and the benefits of being a truly valued strategic partner exceed the sale of single resources by far. A case in point from my own experience: at the digital bank I mentioned earlier, we were able to establish a strong bond of trust with the client, who had been appointed after Capco was hired by his predecessor. That meant we weren’t his choice, but through our efforts we were able to move past his initial skepticism.

I believe it is vital to reflect on the places and people from which you draw inspiration and strength, and who or what you turn to, to recharge and find balance in your life. Socializing is a key part of my life – I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends drawn from many different backgrounds and industries, and the diverse perspectives they bring are very enriching. Like many of my friends and colleagues, travel and food are also very important to me, and my nine trips to Japan have allowed me to combine the two in a most satisfactory fashion.