"Capco provides a wide range of knowledge resources and offers equal opportunities for us to grow – as long as we are ambitious, we can drive our own career path."

Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to Capco?

I always knew I wanted to be in the financial industry – I studied business economics and management at University of California, Irvine and was an executive assistant at CTBC Bank for three years after my undergraduate degree – but I wasn’t sure which field exactly. Which is why I joined the summer Associate program at Capco Thailand for a four-month internship as a business analyst last year.

While I was at Sasin School of Management for an MBA, a friend connected me to Victor Plante, a senior consultant at Capco Thailand, where I learned about Capco’s Associate program. Victor got me very interested and through him I understood that the program offers hands-on training from the beginning which would be valuable for my career development.


What’s your first week like, and did the program live up to your expectations?

During my first week I connected to other new Capco associates and was able to learn about Agile ways of working through the online training. I felt a little overwhelmed by the new online training materials and the first week on the project with the client, but I was very lucky to have the support of my new colleagues. Big shout out to Waan, Apu, John, and a few others who were always there for me and were super supportive. 

Eventually, Victor became my coach at Capco, giving guidance on my career path. Like him, everyone I met at Capco was genuine and passionate about their work. They know how to work hard and play harder. We would hang out together during lunch, explore food places, and hanging out after work became a thing too. Capco events were the highlight of my time at Capco. Not only did I get to connect with ‘Capconians’ from other projects, but also to learn about Capco’s exciting milestones. Because of the people, going into the office was always an enjoyable experience.

What’s the favourite thing you like about Capco?

I really appreciated the ‘Be Yourself At Work’ program. No matter what your position is, from associate consultant to managing principal, the company culture of having no hierarchy is very supportive of everyone’s input and ideas. Capco also provides a wide range of knowledge resources to all employees and offers equal opportunities for everyone to grow – as long as we are ambitious, we can drive our own career path.


What development opportunities did you value most?

You always hear people say “You gotta be adaptive”, but joining Capco made that real for me. In an Agile project, it is crucial to be attentive, flexible, open-minded, and always ready to adapt to change. The project I was on gave me an eye-opening view of the Agile environment and the world of software development. Huge shoutout to Capco –  I stepped out of my comfort zone and gained a steep learning curve from never-ending client calls and tight deadlines, which brought me closer to my coworkers too.


What advice would you give to new ATPs/ADPs looking to join the consultancy space?

Keeping an open mind, being reliable, and being adaptive are crucial to the success of a consultant, at whatever level. Be ambitious and don’t be afraid to try new things, take on projects that are out of your comfort zone, and make new connections not only from your home-country office, but also from other regions. Even though I only had four months at Capco, I am very definite that it is your responsibility to drive your own career path and create your own opportunities – and that at Capco, you can!


What are you doing now that your time on the internship program has ended?

I am currently continuing my study at Fuqua School of Business, Duke University for an MBA exchange program. Yes! I like to learn and challenge myself continuously. Looking back at Capco, I truly value my experience there with the team, the people I met – both at Capco and at Capco’s clients – and the lessons I learned.