“I’m glad that I followed my gut feeling and started working for Capco. It’s a welcoming and multicultural team who inspire me to grow and learn new things every day”

Joined Capco: 2022
Role: Consultant
Primary skills: External audit, accounting/tax and process optimalization in the financial sector
Interests: Travelling, gym, keep on learning

Upon joining Capco I was immediately made to feel welcome in the team. My colleagues were there to greet me on day one and took the time to get me settled and comfortable. I knew at once I had done the right thing in following my gut feeling and accepting the role. The atmosphere here is so open: the team is like a second family and is very approachable in the event of personal or professional issues or concerns. Capco is a people-centric company and we put the wellbeing of our colleagues first.

There are also a lot of opportunities to grow here. I have a personal coach who guides and supports me on my Capco journey and who encourages me to speak up if I ever feel I’m stuck on my growth path. The company always listens and offers a solution. That said, actively taking the lead in driving your own career is also encouraged – nothing is handed to you on a plate – and I really like that entrepreneurial spirit.

There are also many opportunities to learn new things. As I haven’t been at Capco for long, I know I still have a lot to learn – and there’s plenty of scope for me to do so. My colleagues are really supportive. For example, they initiated a role play session in which they pretended to be the client as a way of showing me the ropes instead of only explaining things in a hypothetical way. 

Capco is an inspiring environment to work, filled with different cultures and backgrounds. Not only do we help clients from all over the world, the team itself is also very diverse. Capco Belgium is very much at once a locally focused business and a part of a large international organization. A multicultural company in a multicultural city such as Brussels – the best of both worlds!