"I was given ample opportunity to flourish and bring ideas to the table."

Joined Capco: 2014
Role:         Managing Principal 
Primary skills: Digital Transformation, Digital Delivery, Digital Strategy, Agile Delivery, Proposition Design
Interests: Irish rugby, travel, food, wine

As a former professional gymnast for Ireland, I never had a plan for a career in financial services. Given my gymnastics background, I have always been competitive and ambitious by nature whilst also being very people orientated – I care deeply about those that I work with and their development.

Consulting is right for me as it taps into both of these traits: allowing my ambitious side to come through whilst working with large teams and many clients. Through my work, the people and human aspect really comes to life.

Prior to Capco, I worked at a premier financial newspaper within their change management function. I was looking for something more exciting that would test me and push me to my full potential – something that would really make me want to get out of bed in the morning. It wasn’t until I joined Capco that I found an energy and excitement to my professional life.

I started as an associate with no experience in financial services or consulting but my advancement within Capco has been rapid – within seven years I had received four promotions. Capco gave me many opportunities early in my career to shape how I wanted my journey to progress. I was given ample opportunity to flourish and bring ideas to the table, even when new to the organization. Over the years I have been involved it some very exciting and strategic pieces of work: from defining our UK Digital strategy, running our annual Leadership Survey to running Capco’s first ever client event back in 2014.

My first impression of Capco was that it was a talented bunch of people with ambition, drive and creativity. I immediately thought about how much opportunity there would be for me to learn and develop. What stood out most was the open culture - the CEO addressed me by name even during my first weeks and always stopped to say hello when passing. These interactions always felt very personal and genuine, whether we were discussing my latest project or the Six Nations rugby tournament! This was a real differentiator for me and the sort of experience every new employee would love to have – to feel welcome and special, and not just a number.

I have had some fantastic coaches and mentors along the way, who have encouraged me and brought out the best in me. I’ve always felt the firm has supported me throughout my time here. As a woman at Capco, I have never felt that I wasn’t given the same opportunity as others. Indeed, I have been very involved in promoting the company’s D&I agenda throughout my years at Capco.

Today, I work very closely with our clients to help shape their digital transformation agendas; I also sponsor our Business Development agenda in Scotland. I have recently moved to Edinburgh and can now use the beautiful Scottish countryside to recharge, reflect and find the right balance in my life. There is nothing like a day on a speedboat out on Loch Lomond to recharge the batteries.