"As I found out during my time here, Capco is a company that values self-development, engagement, and employee wellbeing."

Joined Capco: 2021
Role:          Consultant
Primary skills: Data science, econometrics, business analysis
Interests: Skiing, kitesurfing, bachata

My consulting career started at Ernst & Young, where I saw how challenging and interesting consulting could be, with many possibilities of accruing responsibility and bringing about real change. Projects are usually varied and require constant learning, even though you may be specializing in a particular topic. Most projects are thus exciting (and difficult) at the beginning, and it takes time to understand the client organization and the requirements of a particular project.


Capco Switzerland is relatively small compared to other Capco locations. This gives it a more collegial atmosphere, which I really appreciated after working for a large company. As I found out during my time here, Capco is a company that values self-development, engagement, and employee wellbeing. The leadership recognizes that a consultant, as any individual, performs at their best when well-informed, engaged with the team, and healthy. Self-development is encouraged and numerous courses are offered free of charge. Moreover, Capco sponsors specific courses that are relevant to the business and career development. Engagement within teams and in the company is highly encouraged and there is a great culture of camaraderie. While health and general wellbeing are private matters, Capco supports its employees where possible by for example providing information sessions on mental health issues.


I have been fortunate in my assignments and started working on a client project on my first day. My contract has been extended a few times and I have stayed with the same client. Consultants often have spells of time between client projects, and one is lucky when these can be avoided. Contract extensions are also a rewarding sign that the work is being appreciated and the results are valued.


In my free time I am usually on the move. I am a fan of sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and kitesurfing and also like to go to the gym and take bachata classes. These activities are similar to my work as they are technically challenging and provide plenty of room for continuous growth. The gym is about fitness and mental equilibrium, and I see it as a precondition for excellence in all activities, in and outside of work.