“You only connect the dots when you look backwards.” 


Initially Joined & Re-joined Capco:  2018, Re-joined 2021
Role:  Principal Consultant 
Primary Skills:  PM, PO, BA and UX 
Why I Re-joined Capco:  Life Purpose

Hello, CAPCO family! I’m pleased to talk about the best decision I made in 2021 – re-joining Capco. 

I first joined CAPCO in October 2018 to participate on a big, bold project here in Brazil. At that time, I was an excited CO (Consultant) joining to be part of the Digital Transformation Program while contributing my analytical viewpoints and digital products background. What I didn’t expect to find was numerous highly skilled people willing to not only share their knowledge and unique views, but also focus on forming a team of professional consultants. This deserves a big shoutout to Chris Rahnejat, Gerhardt Scriven, Camille Ocampo and Alessandro Corsi.

By the second quarter of 2020, I was invited to join another company and be part of the IPO process. My role was managing two teams responsible for the company’s new products, both related to modernization of the analytical environment and aiming at implementing large-scale deep learning. The challenge was huge and most of my experience at CAPCO was learning how to handle complex environments and make the right calls. It may not seem like it when we are inside a consulting company fighting battles in the trenches, but you can spot people with consulting experience and their methodical mental processes immediately. 

As much as I enjoyed my time outside of CAPCO, I missed the culture of always raising the bar that we establish. Words like “thought leadership” and “trusted advisor” acquired a whole new meaning to me during the hiatus. I could (as an outsider) understand how crucial our daily role is for transformational business. Once I understood that, I couldn’t look to my future and imagine a profession outside of consulting.

I returned to CAPCO in May 2021, much more excited about consulting but humbler than the person who first joined in 2018. Since then, I have worked on three different projects, the most recent being an operational transformation project where we are reviewing, mapping, and automating the processes for financial, commercial, legal and tax teams.

In addition to my successful career, I was truly blessed with two little girls. One was born in 2020 and the other one is now running her last sprints before joining the world. Having the possibility to choose my career path and do it alongside brilliant people during the day and with incredible daughters and a wife at night makes me feel very privileged. Looking back, I can finally connect the dots: I’m glad to be back.