"I truly value the deep commitment the company and its employees have to respecting each other"

Joined Capco: 2019
Role: Data privacy & security, consultant lead
Professional skills: Privacy, data protection & information security consulting; business development
Interests: The arts, music, dancing, literature, human rights, business psychology, management, intellectual property

I studied European and International law at Maastricht University. I loved the fact that Maastricht was very multicultural and that we were studying in English, and also the University’s teaching methods which were built around problem-based learning. After graduation I stayed at Maastricht to do my Masters in Globalisation and Law, with a focus on Commercial and Corporate Law. While I loved my law studies, I felt I was missing an important part of the bigger picture. So I decided to study for an additional Masters at a Management School (ICHEC Brussels) to gain an understanding of business activities and perspectives.

Following my studies, I had the opportunity at my first employer to create a privacy, data protection and information security services offering and to create a business unit from scratch, despite just coming fresh from school. It was the most challenging but also rewarding experience of my life to date. I learned a lot, had the chance to build a team, to work with great and important clients and to touch upon commercial, marketing, management, and financial tasks alongside my consulting role.

I did not search for Capco, rather Capco found me - and I am very happy they reached out to me. From the moment Eline, our head of HR, got in touch I felt very comfortable. My immediate sense of Capco – despite being a multinational organization – was that it felt very human, something that was missing in my former job. My final interview was with our Belgian Managing Partner Jeroen, and it lasted three hours – not an interrogation, but rather a transparent and open exchange about my expectations, the company’s own goals and expectation, its culture. I loved it: the whole conversation, the opportunities, the synergies I could clearly see, and also the fact that a senior leader would offer up so much of their time. Needless to say, I chose to join Capco over other big firms.

At Capco, we are teams of ‘intra-preneurs’. We all have a sense of belonging to the company, we share its values - but at the same time we can be very creative and independent in our daily work. Capco values diversity and independence. You are welcomed and not expected to fit a specific mould. There is no micro-management, nor a hundred levels of hierarchy. When you have an idea, you are welcome to speak up, whether to a direct colleague or a Partner. When you need help, you can ask anyone - but when you want to do something on your own, you are free to do so.

As a woman, I truly value the deep commitment the company and its employees have to respecting each other. I have never felt uncomfortable nor have I had to justify myself or to demonstrate more than my male colleagues.

I am still early in my career at Capco, I am already working in a position of real responsibility for a public utilities client. This had been only our second submission to win a public tender, the request was very specific and demanding, and we knew we were up against two lower costs competitors. So we really had to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise around privacy, data protection and information security. Having worked very closely on the technical, financial, administrative and marketing elements of the RFP, I now work solo with the client as their Data Protection Officer overseeing their compliance with privacy related legislation and especially GDPR. I also take care of their information security compliance and maturity.

Beyond work, I draw my inspirations from my external environment: people, places, noises, colours. I also find a lot of inspirations in stories. I love to read books, but I especially love to listen to people’s experiences and lives. You can draw so much from them. Personally and professionally, I try to build from my mistakes or disappointments. I believe you can find positives in anything that happened to you. By getting to know myself better, I can improve myself and move forward.

There is a saying that “if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will”. I disagree - while your strengths are yours to show, others can help you discover them. An open mind, an urge to learn and to be a good person, having great people around you and supporting you: these are the things that make us strong. My paternal grandfather was one of my best supporters and gave me strength even when I was feeling very down. He is not with us anymore, but his words still resonate every time I go through something difficult.

When I need to recharge and find balance, I either do very social activities, such as spending time with my family and friends, or I read, write, do some yoga or just take time to think. And dance - I used to be a semi-professional dancer, but I had to stop training when I started working. But I still dance, anywhere and anytime, even if just in my head.