"Everyone has a roll your sleeves up and get things done attitude"

Joined Capco: 2017
Role: Principal Consultant
Professional skills: Software Developer, Team Lead, Software Architect, Project Manager, Trainer
Interests: Musician (Guitar and Piano), Composer, Outdoor Activities

I have been with Capco for more than three years and am currently a principal consultant specializing in software development, project management, architecture and training. Before Capco, I quit my job in 2009 and toured as a musician. It was an awesome experience that contributed to shaping who I am today. While this may not be unique to Toronto – I am also an immigrant (from France). Before coming to Canada, I worked as a software developer, technical lead, software architect, and project manager. I moved to Canada in 2013, and my first job was as a developer.

I have always found programming to be very satisfying because I enjoy the process of building something, and you can see the results in a short period. Before coming to Capco, my background was more focused on back-end programming, but I was very interested in learning more about user interface (UI) development and strengthening my leadership skills. Capco was hiring for a team lead for a UI development project, and it was just a perfect opportunity for me to move into UI and lead a team. At Capco, one thing I noticed right away was the level of motivation and passion of the team. Even when project goals seem overwhelming, everyone has a “roll up your sleeves up and get things done attitude.”

I have had the opportunity to work on some significant projects for Capco for both banking and insurance clients. In all my projects, I have taken on the role of an agile team lead. The projects are always complex and interesting, and we get to see the positive impact of our work.

Of all the projects I’ve worked on, I am most proud of the work we are doing for one of Canada’s largest personal insurance providers. It is a multi-faceted project where Capco is helping to rebuild their legacy quoting systems with newer technologies. In addition to this project, I have been delivering pieces of training for their teams. The project itself is very intricate, with a steep learning curve for the team. After offering the initial recommendation, the client asked us to come back to implement the work as part of phase two.

I spend quite a bit of time coaching our co-ops, and I help with conducting interviews for Capco. One goal of mine is to get more involved with delivering training or with Capco creates in the future.

From a personal perspective, everyone is interested in getting to know you. My wife and I had welcomed a daughter in 2019. My Capco partner and Capco team both gave my family gifts to welcome my daughter. I like that Capco recognizes and embraces your personal life in addition to the actual work you do.

Outside of work and spending time with my family, I like to spend time playing music. I play the guitar and am also a pianist. I also compose my own music. I find music helps me clear my mind and find peace. During COVID, I started my own YouTube channel, recording my original compositions. I also love to travel and have spent some time visiting different parts of Canada and Ontario.