"Unleash your potential and shape your own path, for everyday a new challenge awaits!"

Joined Capco:  2020
Role:                   Consultant
Primary skills:   Capco Xceptor, Business Specialist, part of the UK Intelligence Automation team and responsible for Xceptor Scotland capability
Interests:           Solo travel, surfing, skating, poetry, adventures, disruptive technologies

Being a qualified Barrister in Italy, I come from a very traditional professional background, which I always wanted to disrupt. By the time I passed the bar, I had already lived and worked in four different countries and had encountered various like-minded people who wanted to transform their industries. All changed when I studied my LLM at the University of Sydney and, more specifically, the course ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’. 

In this course, we learned about how a bot would manage all legal negotiations between parties to try come up with a solution to a dispute. The bot was following a simple workflow that covered all possible solutions and outcomes and consistently resulted in high levels of user satisfaction. 

After my Masters I returned to Italy and began studying blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. I worked on launching my own start-up which would use AI and blockchain to make the registration of trademarks at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) faster and cheaper for end users. This would be possible thanks to an innovative software that cuts the total search time for similar trademarks and also the registration process as well as associated third party fees (lawyers etc). The start-up did not go well but it marked the start of my automation journey.

After that, I moved to the UK and worked for two and a half years at a Tier 1 investment bank where I finally managed to achieve what I always wanted: change the legal world forever thanks to the automation of loan agreements. This is an interesting use-case on which I wrote a Whitepaper.

I always wanted to work in a place where I could be impactful in different fields and that is the main reason why I chose to work at Capco. Here the possibilities are endless; there is always something you can get involved in outside of your client assignments, with a range of options to further your passion and make good use of your skills.  

I enjoy an ever changing horizon and the fact that I can be who I want to be, work on the things that I care about, and really make a difference for our clients is hugely important for me. I am now an active member of the UK Intelligent Automation team where I am working on several POCs for our clients, leveraging automation solutions as well as having launched the Xceptor Capability in Scotland.

I would really recommend Capco to all the dreamers out there: only visionaries and dreamers so far have changed the world and they managed to by always believing in their ideas. Capco can help you unleash that potential.