“The people you work with are what makes any job special, and Capco is no exception.”

Joined Capco: 2019
Role:         Consultant
Primary skills: Consulting
Interests: Skiing, watching sports

My experiences have certainly had a profound effect on my development as a person. My family always moved around a lot, and by the time I was 17, I had lived in seven different U.S. states all over the country. Being exposed to these unique areas and communities, each with their distinct perspectives and culture, provided me with diverse experiences that have framed my outlook on life.

My family has played the biggest influence on my life and are the people I draw my inspiration and strength from. I left home at an early age for school, but the bond with my parents and siblings has never faded – I talk to them nearly every day. I attribute my successes to their support, and I am blessed to have all of them in my life.

I knew almost nothing about consulting when I was in college, let alone picture myself working as one. However, when researching potential employers, Capco stood out as a uniquely attractive option. From its ‘Be Yourself At Work’ mantra to the company’s mission to bring good into the world, Capco calls for its employees to be a part of something greater than just their job description. I felt this could be a special place, and both my interview and my first months on the job confirmed just that: Capco is a place where I can bring value both during and outside of working hours.

The people you work with are what make any job special, and Capco is no exception. When I think about the mentors and professional relationships I have had at the company, two stand out above all the rest. My workstream lead in my first role, provided me with the foundations to become a consultant. He made it a priority to ensure that I was developing, set time aside with me for discussion and reflection, and always had my best interests in mind.

The second would be my coach, who I have known since my earliest days at Capco. My coach is the worker I try to emulate – she has the drive, leadership skills and energy that I look to bring each day for my teammates and clients. Both my former workstream lead and my coach have been essential figures in my Capco experience, and I am grateful to know them both professionally and personally.

Among the projects I’ve worked on, a bankcard operational readiness assessment for merging super-regional banks was undoubtedly the most rewarding and challenging. It was the first time I got to create, deliver and present materials to the client on my own, while the fast-paced environment helped push me out of my comfort zone, bond with the team and learn a lot. I felt supported by the subject matter experts involved and I left that project knowing more about card operations than I could have ever imagined.

I appreciate Capco’s commitment to social responsibility and giving back to the community, and that the company has maintained that commitment despite the pandemic. In the past, the Charlotte office has hosted events in support of Girls on the Run and conducted book drive donations to various charities. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made in-person community activities an impossibility. Still, I continue to try to get involved whenever I can with community activities outside of work – for instance, I’ve participated in online events to benefit World Central Kitchen and City Harvest.