How Capco Helped Transform A Global Insurance Organization In Malaysia 


More and more financial services organizations are recognizing the need to build the capability to handle multiple transformation projects across various line of businesses, change management and other IT project management programs in an Agile approach. A global insurance organization was looking to expand their transformation center in Malaysia and reached out to Capco to help 50+ employees adopt an Agile approach and support their transformation initiatives. 


Capco Malaysia brought in an Agile and Scrum expert to advise the insurance company on the key services they would require, and delivered:  

  • Training and coaching experience - not only in Agile and Scrum but in other leading business techniques and skills as well.   
  • Setting up the Target Operating Model - working with the firm’s Operations, Transformation, and Innovation team to customize their existing frameworks while leveraging resources across business lines and functions. 
  • Governance compliance - Capco Malaysia helped refine the organization team structure and ensured it was meeting regulatory demands.  
  • Holding workshops across the firm – these helped communicate and cascade the methodologies and approaches to multiple departments. 
  • Project management - to apply proven methodologies, standards, and tools in the areas of project management within the given timeline. 
  • Business development - to develop and implement growth opportunities within the organization, as well as promoting relationship building. 


The presence of Capco’s consultants with Agile and Scrum expertise, as well as regular leadership interactions, has helped the multinational insurance firm to successfully structure and build a team of 50 resources, who drove the aforementioned methodologies beyond the transformation group across all departments in exactly six months. 

Capco Malaysia continues to build future opportunity pipelines in the areas of IT project management, transformation, digital, policy administration system and other core implementations for this multinational insurance provider.