Between November 2021 and July 2022, Capco Switzerland supported Impaakt in successfully delivering their Go-to-Market Strategy.

Impaakt helps investors and citizens to avoid greenwashing through their impact data, scores, and research articles. Their impact measurement platform looks beyond greenwashing and ESG, examining the effect that businesses have on people and the planet. They use collective intelligence to measure impact of different ESG issues, by using a weight based on the assessment of a global society rather than the views of one provide, expert or company.



Impaakt has developed an impact measurement platform to measure the positive and negative effects of a company’s operations on the planet and society. Following positive feedback from customers in their early adopter programme, they wanted a detailed go-to-market strategy to further grow the business in Switzerland.


What We Did

Capco was asked to help the client conduct an extensive analysis of the market fit of their products, the competitor environment, and market demand to identify both the most promising target audience and the most suitable distribution channel for their offering. The results of this analysis would help them to clarify their market positioning, the direction of future product development, and further expand their Swiss market presence.


How We Did It

The project consisted of three stages:

Product market fit

We analysed the sustainable investment landscape in Switzerland, including:

  • The evolution of sustainable investments based on transaction volumes between 2010 and 2020
  • Eight established sustainable investment approaches and the most popular combination of these approaches, from the perspectives of both an asset manager and an asset owner
  • The state of the institutional sustainable investor landscape.


Competitor analysis

We identified around 30 of Impaakt’s competitors worldwide, including traditional data vendors, data & analysis companies, and ESG/impact data startups. From the initial screening we shortlisted 10 for a mystery shopping phase. We then interviewed six direct Impaakt competitors to create a competitor landscape model spanning location, data type, business model and price, maturity of regulatory offering, and individual unique selling points.


Target audience & distribution

Based on the results of the first two stages, Impaakt’s marketing and sales teams conducted an internal workshop and identified three potential target audience groups. We then helped them to further analyse the market, customer needs, state of the competition, sales cycle for each customer type, and provided recommendations as to the most promising target audience alongside a high-level distribution strategy.



Capco’s analysis and insights – described by the company’s founders as “really helpful and relevant”  – granted Impaakt a deep understanding of the market and their competitors, allowing them to identify their most promising target audience and to reposition for success in the marketplace.

Our thanks to Sarah Bidinger, Florence Angles, Zhenzhen Wang Huang, Ludovic Zaccaron and Gianluca Soldati for this great achievement.