In mid-2021, Capco Impact Consulting Group partnered with Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) on a pro bono CSR initiative facilitated by Bankers without Borders (BwB). 

Social Gastronomy Movement launched their Food Solidarity Fund in 2020, with the goal of supporting innovative gastronomy solutions through funding, peer-driven learning experiences, and elevating the voices of those working to ensure their communities are strong and fed.

Through this collaboration, Capco volunteer consultants supported three key functional areas. Social Gastronomy Movement was seeking to move away from one-time donations to a more sustainable funding model, understand the clear metrics for impact and effective reporting mechanisms, and drive overall community engagement and growth. Capco’s team worked across these three workstreams to collaborate with the client and tackle this scope.

What We Did
Our Capco team utilized their unique skills and research to deliver in the following distinct workstreams: Funding, Metrics and Reporting, and Community Engagement.

· For Funding, Capco worked with SGM to select ideal funding models and develop a tiered implementation plan to help SGM achieve their fund target of $1 billion. 
· For Metrics and Reporting, Capco identified how to measure impact metrics around both short and long-term goals, and at a local and global impact level leveraging the refined forms of client data. Capco also identified ways to standardize measurements and recommend how to engage their community using education. 
· For Community, Capco developed a community Peer-to-Peer co-learning framework to ultimately lay the groundwork for future scalability.

How We Did It 

Among the three workstreams, there were numerous collaboration sessions between Capco and SGM to ensure innovation around the three workstreams.

· For Funding, Capco analyzed SGM’s current approach, the funding approaches of their peers, researched funding model options, and evaluated the revenue potential and costs of the short-listed funding models.
· For Metrics and Reporting, Capco conducted market research and performed gap analysis to effectively identify ways for SGM to leverage their current capabilities.
· For Community, Capco provided all materials for the rollout of the Peer-to-Peer program's pilot and a long-term Peer-to-Peer expansion roadmap

Our Capco Team consisted of Lakshmi Punati, James Brett, Bridget Malley, Dylan Flanagan, Christel Mbonteh, Elil Ragunaseelan, and Chris Dickinson. Their work was well received as noted by Zaya Namjilsoru, Partnership and Fund Navigator:

“What a BRILLIANT team of volunteers! Throughout the past three months, not only did we hit all objectives for the SGM Fund, but we enjoyed a true collaboration with every team member. We learned how to do financial forecasting, build a hybrid funding model, identify gaps in current impact measurement and transform existing program into a whole new peer-to-peer learning program. I am impressed by the magnitude of what we were able to co-create. Not to mention that every early morning working session was so insightful, fun, and productive. I'm so grateful for each of their gifts, passion and kind heartedness.”

Impact Consulting Group
We are passionate about educational and financial inclusion for all, particularly for those in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. Our dedication to equal opportunity drives us to promote literacy across the globe. Capco’s Impact Consulting initiative gives development sector organizations access to our people and expertise on a pro-bono basis, and fosters collaboration and partnerships between public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Impact Consulting partners with non-profit organizations and provides pro-bono, skills-based assistance. By identifying and recruiting Capco employees from across the globe, Impact Consulting helps organizations overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes in IT, marketing, legal, finance, and other business operations. It enables our people to add direct value to non-profit organizations and gives them exposure to how businesses outside traditional financial services operate.

About Bankers without Borders (BwB)
Bankers without Borders (BwB) is Grameen Foundation’s volunteer initiative. Established in 2008, it is an industry leader in using skilled volunteers to accelerate the scale, sustainability, and impact of poverty-focused social enterprises.

About Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM)  
The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) is an interconnected global network of local communities that use the power of food to co-create social change. Mission is to engage people in the food systems to collaborate for social change. The vision is to have a well-connected and strengthened Social Gastronomy communities all over the world working towards an equitable future, inclusive society, and a healthy planet. SGM has a global base of partners and existing projects within social gastronomy communities mapped in more than 50 countries across five continents. Social Gastronomy Movement