In the fourth quarter of 2021, Capco Impacting Consulting Group partnered with GhScientific on a pro bono CSR initiative that was facilitated by Bankers without Borders (BwB). 

Since its inception in 2014, GhScientific relied solely on funding through private donations and personal funds. Recently, its co-founders formed a free membership program with the intent of transforming this program into a paid model. The client sought guidance on developing an overall strategy for the membership program, with the goal of growing its sustainable sources of funding to further support the organization’s growth.  

What We Did
Through this collaboration, Capco volunteer consultants determined an optimal pricing model for current and future members, defined sustainable revenue streams to appropriately fund operations, and constructed a two-year plan for increasing total membership and funding. 

These recommendations provided by Capco were considered pivotal for the organization’s future implementation plans and desire for continued growth.

How We Did it 
The Capco team conducted extensive workshops with the founders and held several internal working sessions to better understand the current state of the organization, perform market analysis, and complete a target state analysis of GhScientific. 

At the conclusion of the engagement, the Capco team gathered with the founders for an implementation Q&A session on the final strategic recommendations. This played a pivotal role in instilling confidence in the direction proposed by the engagement team and allowed for thoughtful and candid feedback with the founders on each deliverable. 

Our Capco Team consisted of Ibrahim Masri, Irene Fernando Ravichandran, Sunita Mathrani, Syed Hussain, Shashank Bhoop, and Jason Noran. Their work was well received as noted by GhScientific’s Founders: 

“Ibrahim and the team at Capco have been nothing short of excellent in their delivery. The team has remained professional, and the sessions have been thorough despite it being a pro bono service. They have remained committed and engaged in all sessions and communication has been great.  Tom and I have been really encouraged by the ideas and suggestions that have come through. We're feeling more confident and positive about the future of GhScientific thanks to the consultancy from the CAPCO team. 

Thank you all very much. It's been such a positive, challenging and encouraging experience.”

- Dr. Thomas Tagoe and Dr. Hephzi Tagoe , Co-Founders

Impact Consulting Group
We are passionate about educational and financial inclusion for all, particularly for those in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. Our dedication to equal opportunity drives us to promote literacy across the globe. Capco’s Impact Consulting initiative gives development sector organizations access to our people and expertise on a pro-bono basis, and fosters collaboration and partnerships between public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Impact Consulting partners with non-profit organizations and provides pro-bono, skills-based assistance. By identifying and recruiting Capco employees from across the globe, Impact Consulting helps organizations overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes in IT, marketing, legal, finance, and other business operations. It enables our people to add direct value to non-profit organizations and gives them exposure to how businesses outside traditional financial services operate.

About Bankers without Borders (BwB)
Bankers without Borders (BwB) is Grameen Foundation’s volunteer initiative. Established in 2008, it is an industry leader in using skilled volunteers to accelerate the scale, sustainability, and impact of poverty-focused social enterprises.

About GhScientific 
GhScientific was established in Ghana in 2014 by a brother and sister scientist duo, Dr. Thomas Tagoe and Dr. Hephzi Tagoe. As a science-focused communication non-governmental organization (NGO), they have worked extensively with community groups, schools, universities, STEM professionals and other STEM organizations through public engagement and outreach activities. GhScientific also exists as an online platform providing STEM related news, events, opportunities, resources, and informative blogs.

Their mission is to build capacity in STEM through accessible public engagement and outreach activities. Their vision is to be a unifying hub for the scientific community and work collaboratively towards bridging the gap between science and the public, particularly within under-served communities.