In early 2021, Capco APAC partnered with 2nd Innings Handicrafts (2IH) on a pro bono CSR initiative facilitated by Bankers without Borders (BwB). 

2IH is a creative manufacturing enterprise based in Mumbai, India that believes in growing brands that inspire change by giving people second chances. Capco APAC collaborated with ‘I Was A Sari,’ a lifestyle brand wholly owned and managed by 2IH, that offers a unique line of upcycled fashion products made from Indian saris. 

Through this collaboration, Capco APAC’s volunteer consultants designed a new rolling appraisal process by collecting software requirements. This new process will complement the existing performance management module, as well as formalise detailed job descriptions for specific roles to streamline 2IH’s HR application process.

The new process will help improve communication and coordination across departments as well as provide better accountability and transparency.  

The Capco team conducted extensive workshops to better understand the current and future state of 2IH’s performance management process and align to their transformation strategy. 

The Capco team conducted extensive interviews with 2IH’s production partners to refresh job descriptions and define responsibilities aligned to the organisation's transformation needs.  

Our Capco APAC Team consisted of Merri Lim, Harry Yueng, Thomas Ye, Kim Tan, Jasmine Phang, Andy Chan. Their work was well received as noted by Stefano Funari, Founder of ‘I was a Sari’: 

“I have lost count on how many volunteering projects we have run in partnership with BwB and CAPCO. We keep applying for them because the experience is very consistent: solid process, strong commitment, and great outcomes. A real benchmark in terms of corporate volunteering. 

This year we focused on HR with two separate streams: job description and performance appraisal. The former helped us to fill a gap and today we have a comprehensive set of JDs for all the major company roles. The latter has helped us to rethink our appraisal process and to validate a software platform on which to implement it.”

Impact Consulting Group
We are passionate about educational and financial inclusion for all, particularly for those in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. Our dedication to equal opportunity drives us to promote literacy across the globe. Capco’s Impact Consulting initiative gives development sector organizations access to our people and expertise on a pro-bono basis, and fosters collaboration and partnerships between public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Impact Consulting partners with nonprofit organizations and provides pro bono, skills-based assistance. By identifying and recruiting Capco employees from across the globe, Impact Consulting helps organizations overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes in IT, marketing, legal, finance, and other business operations. It enables our people to add direct value to non-profit organizations and gives them exposure to how businesses outside traditional financial services operate.

About Bankers without Borders (BwB)
Bankers without Borders (BwB) is Grameen Foundation’s volunteer initiative. Established in 2008, it is an industry leader in using skilled volunteers to accelerate the scale, sustainability, and impact of poverty-focused social enterprises.

About 2nd Innings Handicrafts (2IH) 
2nd Innings Handicrafts (2IH), an organisation based in Mumbai, offers a unique line of upcycled fashion products made from beautiful Indian saris. The organisation works on the mission to empower disadvantaged Indian women by providing them skill-based training and recurring income opportunities. The products (ranging from reusable bags to various accessories like scarves, necklaces, bracelets, stationery, headbands, and apparel etc.) are handcrafted by women artisans who live in the slums of Mumbai, India. In the process of upcycling thousands of used saris, the organisation can make a real change in the lives of the women artisans involved. When a woman joins the team, her life changes in wonderful ways. She gains new skills and financial independence.