In October 2023, Capco partnered with Transcendent Knowledge Society (TKS), an NGO that works on issues related to education, empowerment, and equality for persons with disabilities in India. 

The goal of the project was to support the TKS leadership team by creating a new organizational strategy and growth trajectory to help the NGO’s expansion. TKS works with the objective of creating success stories in social entrepreneurship, innovating profitable business models that leverage local resources, skills, and opportunities, and bringing people with disabilities back to the mainstream economy, including converting them from ‘job-seekers’ to ‘job-creators’.

The project was enabled by our partnership with the Grameen Foundation’s Bankers without Borders (BwB), an industry leader in using skilled volunteers to accelerate the scale, sustainability, and impact of microfinance and poverty-focused organizations around the world.

What we did

The Capco APAC team delivered a new organizational strategy and growth trajectory to help guide TKS across the following aspects of its operations:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media approach
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Government policies on helping/encouraging businesses to grow
  • Proposal for potential funders
  • Organization’s overall positioning and growth, including SWOT analysis.

How we did it 

  • Global team. We brought together specialist skills from two Capco locations, Singapore and Hong Kong, to foster a diverse and integrated team. Some team members had an in-depth understanding of how the local community in India works, while others had experience with social media marketing campaigns, and SWOT analysis. Our Capco team consisted of Fathiah Najwa Binte Hassim, Kanab Banerjee, Hoi Shan Chan, Payal Bhattacharya and Soomin Park.
  • Open communication. We facilitated bi-weekly meetings with TKS and BwB to present deliverables, gather feedback, and realign objectives and timelines. Additionally, regular internal team meetings were held each week to monitor progress and address any challenges. 
  • Tailored approach. By analyzing TKS's vision, we tailored a new organizational strategy and growth trajectory, supporting the organization's expansion and continued relevance in India and the world. 


The team’s work was well received by TKS’s CEO Amrita Roy Chowdhury: 

“It’s always exciting and great to engage with volunteers from Bankers without Borders. We have completed three years of our journey with the help of volunteers, and I cannot stop thanking BwB for connecting us with exceptionally talented and committed individuals. The team was very dynamic, everyone had great listening skills and excellent teamwork. This time, the cherry on the icing was having two Bengali team members who have really given the geographic and social input from a regional perspective. I simply loved and enjoyed working with the team.”

Impact Consulting Group

At Capco, we are passionate about educational and financial inclusion for all, particularly for those in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. Capco’s Impact Consulting initiative gives development sector organizations access to our people and expertise on a pro-bono basis, and fosters collaboration and partnerships between public, private, and non-profit sectors. 

Impact Consulting partners with non-profit organizations and provides pro-bono, skills-based assistance. By identifying and recruiting Capco employees from across the globe, Impact Consulting helps organizations overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes in IT, marketing, legal, finance, and other business operations. It enables our people to add direct value to non-profit organizations and gives them exposure to how businesses outside traditional financial services operate.

About Transcendent Knowledge Society (TKS) India 

Transcendent Knowledge Society (TKS) is a non-government organization that works on issues related to education, empowerment, and equality of persons with disabilities in India. TKS aims to promote and support the integration of persons with disabilities into the mainstream economy through social entrepreneurship. TKS started The Charkha Program, a sustainable livelihood initiative launched in 2021, with the goal of developing a sustainable livelihood for women with intellectual disabilities.