• Nick Brooks
  • Published: 05 July 2019

It feels like a very long time since the idea of a ‘Global Step Challenge’ came about; a challenge that could be visualised to enhance participation and competition, with minimal effort from participants (other than stepping of course). Thanks to the awesome network of communities, fantastic skills of our colleagues and generally super positive attitude to make something different in Capco, now here we are! 

The health benefits of moving frequently are well-established and taking part in 30 minutes of higher intensity exercise per day has proven positive health benefits. To reach our 50 million global steps target, equivalent to walking between all 27 of Capco’s global offices, we are challenging each of you to reach 10,000 steps per day. You can choose the gym, walking at lunchtime, the long route home, or start taking the stairs more! 

I’m focused on completing my first half marathon in September at the Scottish Marathon in Glasgow, and the Global Step Challenge will help me get more steps into my daily routine; walking to work the long way, always using the stairs (Level 7, gulp!) and getting out for a walking lunch break are all planned. Additionally, I aim to do a few training runs at the weekends and after work to get my steps up, along with at least two 10km runs during the challenge. 

Through the challenge we are aiming to raise $20,000 for our global charity partner, Room to Read. The lasting impact of literacy education is something I find very motivating having seen first-hand the impact of education and crucially, the denial of it, during my time serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and across Africa. Working within the communities to help ensure their security, often the next or overlapping issue was education.

A lack of opportunity for education could cripple a community and a generation. Inversely, the sacrifice to get one was significant; children would spend hours walking to school and would delight in the opportunity to practice English. This skill, often taken for granted, is life changing for those individuals helped by Room to Read. Education, independence and financial success – this charity is transformational for all. All this and more can be achieved if we unite and support this fantastic charity.

I’m excited and optimistic for what this challenge can deliver on its focus areas: promoting Health & Wellbeing, uniting Capco globally in one common purpose and raising a significant sum of money for Room to Read. Individually, our impact might be small, but as one Capco, focusing on one task, I know we can achieve something incredible. 

Let’s step to it!