My name is Devin and while I was born in India I was lucky enough to have lived in several countries and see the world while I was growing up. I choose the US for my undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics before pursuing a master’s in applied Statistics. Five or ten years ago I could not have pictured where in the world I would be or who I would be working with, but I am so grateful that my journey has led me to Capco in London. 

With the explosion in data and specifically economic data, I started my career after my bachelor’s degree, working in economic research. It was my first time working with data outside of an academic setting and I learnt so much during my time in the field. However, while working there, I always had the feeling that there was more that we could be doing with the data we had. I decided to explore the fields of statistics, data analysis and data science further through a master’s degree. 

Going to NYU to do a course in applied statistics was one of the best decisions I’ve made as it introduced me to many new ways of modelling data as well predictive analytics using frequentist statistics and machine learning. I was also exposed to several coding languages such as R, Python and SQL, which have been invaluable before and during my time at Capco.  

I joined Capco through the Associate Data Programme (ADP) which was a great introduction to the world of financial data. Through case studies and sessions led by Capco employees, I got a vision of how I would be able to use the skills I had developed within the world of financial services. The ADP was a great stepping stone to my first project and allowed me to hit the ground running and start contributing immediately. 

If there is one reason the consulting industry appeals to so many people, it is the variety of work available and the ability to continuously learn and develop. Working in the data practice at Capco has allowed me to build my technical skills, knowledge of the financial services industry and soft skills such as stakeholder management and presentation. The opportunity to see a project through from start to finish and then move to an entirely new project facilitates the rapid understanding of both the financial services industry and the role consultants play in helping clients meet their objectives. 

Capco also supports the learning and development of its employees through an online learning platform (which is continuously updated with new training courses) and courses led by colleagues with expertise and experience in various industry segments and topics. Furthermore, the aspiring data scientist track allows anyone at Capco to learn data science and machine learning skills at their own pace and eventually become part of the Data Science community. 

Joining the Data Science community at Capco has offered me another exciting opportunity to be part of a growing team with varied experience across multiple areas. I have been learning alongside experts who have been working in the field for many years. In addition, there are internal projects that allow you to work with other data scientists, while community catch ups and ‘show and tells’ help with being aware of the work other people are doing and who to reach out to with any questions. 

This collaborative nature is found throughout Capco. Everyone at the company is always willing to lend a hand with anything, no matter how small or large. And there are many ways to get involved with different communities at Capco, for example helping with interviews, making prototypes to be pitched to clients or developing tools to be used within Capco. These are just a few ways in which we can contribute and add value, and all contributions are recognized by the leadership team at Capco.  

While we all work hard, we also take time to celebrate each other’s successes, have fun and truly build a community everyone can call their own.