The global payments landscape is rapidly changing. Technology innovations are enabling financial institutions to realize substantial benefits across the transaction value chain. Payments can no longer be dismissed as volume-driven, commoditized and undifferentiated products. As such, payments modernization has become a priority for banks. Its importance has intensified globally, a result of legislative and regulatory pressures to adopt real-time payments infrastructures as well as competition from innovative market entrants.

Investment in payments technologies continues to gain momentum as financial institutions look to payments solutions as strategic competitive differentiators, with serious potential for cost optimization benefits. New payment infrastructures can mean new revenue streams. They also have the capability to match customer demands for cheaper, faster, seamless transactions managed through any input device. 

Implementing centralized payments infrastructures capable of facilitating origination through instruction management and execution across the enterprise is a complex task. Ensuring established financial institutions stay ahead of disruptive innovators requires speed and agility to rapidly transform existing infrastructures, systems and processes. Capco’s enterprise payments expertise concentrates on helping our clients understand the transformative technologies required and learn how to apply them specifically to their business.

Capco has significant experience delivering complex payment platform integration and innovative payments programs. Our wide range of delivered projects includes open payment frameworks, payment clearing and settlements initiatives. We also provide unique access to market-leading end-to-end payments solutions, such as Clear2Pay, Mobile Wallet and other core payment technologies.

Modernized payment engines now sit at the heart of bank operations. They form a critical part of the infrastructure necessary to support the business, enabling significant process improvements and delivering cost savings. Capco’s proven enterprise payments expertise ensures they also serve as engines of predictable compliance and profitable growth.