Easing the burden of regulatory requirements

The regulatory environment is increasingly complex and always changing, and failure to maintain compliance carries stiff financial and reputational consequences. Capco consulting can help you assess your risk, develop a comprehensive compliance management system (CMS), establish customized policies and procedures, educate your staff, monitor and test for ongoing compliance, remediate apparent violations of law and other compliance weaknesses, generate useful management reports and successfully prepare for and respond to regulatory examinations. With Capco supporting your compliance program, you will:

  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of our seasoned compliance professionals, comprised of former regulators and bank compliance officers.
  • Realize the advantages of best-in-class regulatory compliance solutions tailored specifically to your institution’s charter, size, operations and unique needs.
  • Optimize your CMS by partnering with our compliance experts who will participate in your compliance committee meetings, develop and implement (or enhance) your institution’s three lines of defense, perform risk-based compliance monitoring reviews and provide ongoing regulatory compliance updates and actionable intelligence.
  • Experience immediate results driven by our extensive knowledge base of industry-leading best practices covering consumer compliance, fair lending, fair and responsible banking, community reinvestment, student and mortgage loan servicing and CFPB regulations.
  • Have access to our extensive team of compliance experts with experience successfully remediating regulatory enforcement actions and achieving top compliance ratings.

Additionally, the Capco Center of Regulatory Intelligence publishes monthly Regulatory Intelligence Briefings on regulatory hot topics and emerging issues ranging from Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) to cybersecurity and much more. We provide this thought leadership on an ongoing basis to aid you in managing and optimizing your CMS.