Our Innovation Lab brings together best-in-class PhDs, data scientists, designers, fintechs, and rapid prototyping teams to help our clients create solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in financial services.

Capco’s Innovation Lab includes cross-functional teams located in New York, Chicago, Orlando, London and São Paulo, major technology hubs across the world.


Not every problem can be solved in a conference room. We leverage partnerships with top universities and academic institutions to stay on top of the latest thinking and turn these invaluable insights into actionable solutions.

Rapid Prototyping:

Fail fast, learn, fail again, fail better. Innovation isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Rapid prototyping makes that journey faster. Getting mock-ups, wireframes and prototypes from Capco’s Innovation Lab into the hands of users and customers early, on a regular sprint cadence, helps to minimize risk and ensure successful product testing and delivery.

Partner Ecosystem:

Speed to market is just as important as the next breakthrough in innovation. Capco’s vast ecosystem of technology partners means that our clients can choose best in class tools to accelerate their businesses.