For banks, major challenges keep coming: ever-increasing regulatory demands, customers' digital experience expectations, dealing with large and costly legacy technology infrastructures. This complex combination of big and interrelated issues puts pressure on banks' resources. Both top and bottom-line growth depend on overcoming these challenges. Overcoming these challenges successfully requires high-quality portfolio and project management.

Capco’s response is proven by our superb record of driving change through effective portfolio management and project delivery. Our combination of deep domain expertise and practical, outcomes-based delivery sets us apart. Our Change Acceleration transforms program and project management across a bank’s change portfolio. Change Acceleration executes and improves project delivery, reduces execution risk and drives cost savings through multiple and rigorously field-tested methodologies, tools and commercial models.

Capco embraces innovative delivery through intelligent Agile design (including model-based testing and development), Agile transformation, enterprise program and project management. In addition, because successful change is as much about people as technology, we apply changeSourcing, Capco’s own proven approach to location strategy and optimal human talent provision within change management. The key elements of our approach are detailed below.

  • Intelligent Agile design and Agile transformation - Project delivery can become 20 - 40 percent more efficient by applying innovative approaches, including intelligent Agile design, Capco’s method of digitizing project management through tools-based application of model-based testing and development. We are experts in Agile transformation and innovation through the project life cycle.
  • Enterprise PMO and program management - We know what 'best' looks like in portfolio and program management. We have substantial experience in improving and innovating in varying bank environments to ensure efficiency, transparency, risk management, quality, accountability and effective governance. Capco’s customized PMO and programme management tool CANVAS is at our disposal to bring our clients project plans to life.
  • changeSourcing - Capco’s unique offering allows banks to tap into change management on demand, using operationally tested on, near and far-shore capabilities, proven specifically in multiple bank environments. Our highly effective solution can be deployed for multiple bank divisions with large change agendas: regulatory compliance, operations, technology, finance and firm-wide programs.

Our deep understanding of project and program management has enabled the success of our clients’ large initiatives. Capco can provide expertise at every level. We understand the financial services industry’s core challenge of change for good, not just change for change’s sake. We innovate and transform change management to deliver more efficient, effective and higher quality results.