Digital portals are positioned at the new heart of the Digital Age, and we offer two variants to meet companies’ requirements, delivered via knowable platform components, and whose modularity and flexibility allows for easy integration with existing IT infrastructures.

Our externally facing digital Customer Portal primarily addresses the needs of customers and prospects potential as well as a company’s business partners. It is the platform of choice for creating and delivering a unique and class-leading digital customer experience. Transform a visit to your website into a digital shopping and experience journey that reflects the rapidly evolving shopping behaviours of today and tomorrow’s digital natives. Change the market before it changes you.


  • Encourage visitors and engagement by means of a personalized website, widgets, or mobile apps – with optional digital contract closing.
  • knowable Product Browser allows prospects to explore the benefits of your products and services in an accessible and interactive fashion
  • Inspire prospective buyers via the knowable Product Configurator, which delivers bespoke configurations, simulations and calculations in a straightforward and playful way
  • Support and advise undecided visitors through our intelligent digital assistance solutions
  • An adaptive knowable Chatbot to interact and answer open questions, while the knowable Digital Assistant serves as an expert and CI/DC compliant corporate ambassador, 24/7
  • The knowable Product Integrator allows products configured online to be smoothly integrated into the customer’s personal work environment post contract close

Our digital Employee Portal supports the needs of an organization’s employees and selected suppliers, managing the collection, preservation, maintenance, and transfer of knowledge internally. The digital revolution has seen an explosion of information and knowledge, much of it accumulating within organizations. Scattered across diverse IT systems and or held by employees themselves, this valuable knowledge is often inefficiently managed by existing solutions. Our Employee Portal is an intranet compatible knowledge management platform that digitizes in-house knowledge for use in a structured and needs-oriented fashion, generating added value.

  • Engage employees via personalized intranet access and integrated widgets
  • Employees can make use of the Portal functionality – including knowable Chatbot and Digital Assistant – either in writing or via voice control, and in the language of their choice
  • Access to the knowable Data & Knowledge Repository database, which captures years of accumulated organizational information
  • State-of-the-art, ML/AI powered search and query functionality, with written or verbal feedback options




To extend the usability of the customer portal, we offer a range of modular digital product management solutions, individually configurable and drawing upon in-house knowable platform components:

A configurable search engine integrated within your customer portal, the knowable Products Browser allows potential customers to obtain a swift and impactful overview of your products and services.

  • The Browser is extremely user-friendly, offering intuitive menu navigation to take visitors to their desired destination in fuss-free fashion

Search results can be saved for later viewing and/or use with the knowable Products Configurator.

The integrated knowable Products Configurator allows for the individual design of selected products, enabling customers to configure products to meet their specific needs. User-friendly and versatile in its application, the Configurator can also simulate and calculate various practical application options.

  • Previously pre-configured virtual products can be saved in a closed area
  • Offers can be obtained via the integrated order function, contracts digitally signed and concrete orders triggered




The knowable Digital Assistant solutions are versatile tools for communication and interaction with customers, partners, and employees. Quickly and easily configurable, the Assistants are designed for use in both digital Customer Portals and digital Employee Portals.

Our Digital Assistants serve as an all-knowing, anytime/anywhere virtual employee, a multilingual avatar whose appearance can be configured in line with CI/CD guidelines or your company’s dress code. Assistants can draw knowledge from various interlinked databases, including the knowable Data & Knowledge Repository.

  • Our Digital Assistants can communicate verbally and in writing
  • When asked a question, the Assistant searches various databases in seconds for the optimal answer
  • Assistants use the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to continuously expand their knowledge
  • Customers, partners, and employees can connect to an Assistant via a personalized website, widgets, or mobile apps, 24/7