FundPro365 is a platform to support the entire fund information and lifecycle management, from ideation of a new fund through all aspects of product setup (involving regulators, custodians, fund administrators) to reporting, product management, fund events and ultimately fund liquidation covering static and dynamic fund data. 

FundPro365 covers all administrative work along the entire fund lifecycle but is not used for the actual fund management. It can handle all relevant fund domiciles, all fund types (liquid and illiquid products, umbrella funds, sub-funds, funds of funds, share classes, etc.) and all relevant fund structures or fund vehicles. 

FundPro365 provides:  

  • Continuous management of fund parameters and investment guidelines
  • Calculation of product performance
  • Preparation of costs and charges reports
  • Management of product documentation, supporting the creation of key investor information documents (KIIDS), (key information documents) KIDS and fund factsheets
  • Data dissemination on product, share class and portfolio level to internal and external data recipients
  • Interfaces to fund administrators, custodians and market data service providers
  • Registration of funds with regulators, helping seek authorization in cases of fund events or fund changes.

In a nutshell, FundPro365 enables risk reduction and compliance by streamlining global processes and functions and supporting the daily work of product managers and fund data operators with digitally guided workflows, simplified data flows, strengthened controls and reliable alerting mechanisms.



Capco’s FundPro365 platform is a workflow-based solution based on standard data models fully in line with current and evolving market standards for product managers and fund data operators at asset management firms. The solution allows asset managers to:

  • Streamline processes and simplify day-to-day operations 
  • Ensure full data integrity
  • Accelerate approval processes
  • Provide full audit trails
  • Avoid human errors
  • Reduce costs. 

Beyond that, the platform enables asset managers to capture economies of scale through offering product management services to other market participants.