Capco is delighted to present to you our latest global webinar, ‘
Capco Optimize: Democratizing Innovation’, hosted on Wednesday 17th November.

Financial Institutions are opting to use No-Code or Low-Code platforms to develop not only business applications but also enhanced business capabilities to facilitate a ‘Citizen Developer’ model that puts innovation in the hands of ordinary employees.

Citizen Developer is a model that seeks to address pressing concerns for banks and other financial institutions. This includes the transition from legacy technology and the automation of unwieldy manual processes – and by extension compromised efficiency, heightened risk and high costs, as well as talent acquisition and retention challenges.

Key discussion topics included:

  • Benefits of aligning No-Code or Low-Code tools with the Citizen Developer model
  • Practical steps for firms looking to maximize the benefits of operational and process enhancements
  • Using the model to boost employee engagement and empowerment.

The panel discussion was followed by a live Q&A with the audience.


  • Mary Hynes-Martyn, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Bank Operations Global Initiatives, Deutsche Bank
  • Christian Lewis, Client Director, Unqork 
  • Julia Shreeve, Executive Director and Capco Optimize Lead, Capco
  • Leonard Langsdorf, Executive Director and North America CTO, Capco
  • Lawrence Aggleton, Managing Principal , UK Technology, Capco


  • Anne-Marie Rowland, Global Client Partner, Capco 

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