• Richard Lewis
  • Published: 17 June 2020

Banking, investment, advice and insurance firms are hard at work analyzing the economic and investment consequences of the global health crisis. There appears to be enough information available to make good decisions about short term impacts on business models and operational stance. The longer term picture is less clear. Product management teams in particular report that they would like more input about the possible effects of post-Covid society on customer behaviors and attitudes. 

In this paper, we take seventeen trends in society and consider the implications for those trends of lock-down, prolonged social distancing and recession. We have chosen themes that provide insight about how mass affluent and high net worth individuals might change how they use banking, investment, financial advice and insurance services. In this edition we have limited scope to individuals living in the United Kingdom.  These themes include: health and wellbeing, retail consumption, corporate life, holiday choices, car ownership, home ownership, overseas property ownership, urban living, retirement living, investment choices, lifestyle and savings.

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Richard Lewis
Head of Wealth & Asset Management in the UK & Ireland