CapConversation with Krishna Kallakuri, co-founder and CEO of diwo


  • Capco Digital
  • Published: 02 September 2021

In this episode of CapConversation, Capco’s Audra Schoenfeldt Furer chats with Krishna Kallakuri, co-founder and CEO of diwo, a unique Decision Intelligence platform empowering business users to make better decisions, faster.

About our guests:

diwo is the leading Enterprise Decision Intelligence platform for delivering business value from analytics. Leveraging real-time AI to identify opportunities and risks, quantify their impact and recommend best action, diwo empowers users to fully utilize mass data to make instantaneous decisions and unlock enormous value.

Krishna Kallakuri is the CEO and co-founder of diwo where he brings his experience in “data, data, and data” to work. Prior to founding diwo, Krishna was a founding member and CEO of DataFactZ, one of the fastest growing analytics companies in the Midwest. He brings more than 15 years of analytic technology and senior management experience. 

Krishna is passionate about applying analytics to solve business problems. 

Podcast highlights: 

1. Overcoming analysis paralysis
2. Reassessment of credit risk 
3. Ethical use of AI and data consumption


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