Payment Modernization

Modernization has led to 50+ global real-time payment networks developed, the proliferation of data-rich transactions, a focus on regulation, increased demand for fraud prevention, and adoption of open payment networks. However, many firms are unsure where to start their payments modernization journey. We understand the highly complex impacts payments modernization will drive. From inception through implementation, Capco has designed internationally recognized API standards and partners with firms to create and deliver global, real-time, customer-focused and resilient strategies.

Consumer Trends

Shifting consumer spending habits, the accelerated adoption of e-commerce, next-gen payments, and real-time processing are all driving the flux in consumer payments trends. Both fintechs and incumbents are seeking innovative ways to grow or maintain their market share. Our connected, global payments team works with financial institutions, merchant acquirers, and payments providers to chart the path forward given these diverse and evolving trends.


Payments is seeing massive amounts of disruption. Fintechs are gaining market share and acquisitions are at a high, while the shift to updated payments infrastructure is forcing market players to modernize their platforms. This flux is driving the need for complex, yet seamless, data conversion support. A deep understanding of payments infrastructure paired with extensive experience in large complex data conversions makes Capco a unique partner in this space. We support conversions end-to-end, from program management to executing the analysis, mapping, and movement of data.

Next Generation Payments

Payments is transforming. We support organizations to make informed decisions before making investments, to understand the upside and advantages of embracing next-generation payments, identify potential partners to set up new offerings and assess synergies when building a CDBC, stable coin or cryptocurrency offering. We also understand the end-to-end impact when adding next-gen payments capabilities to existing services and confidently advise on the potential change management and impact across processes, IT architectures, KYC, AML, treasury, risk protocol and cybersecurity considerations.