“When I consider where my father and his forefathers began and how far I have come, it gives me all the energy and motivation I need to keep going in difficult times.”

Joined Capco: 2020
Role: Consultant
Primary skills: Business Analysis, Data Analytics & Reporting
Interests: Cricket, Traveller, Trekking, Foodie & Fitness Lover

I am a small-town boy, born and raised in Jaora (Central India). People around me had very limited understanding of the IT industry but were naturally drawn to those who have had some exposure to IT and computers. That was the beginning of my interest in learning about computers and software. It also marked the beginning of my journey away from my hometown to pursue a degree from a reputable university. I explored three Indian cities – Indore, Pune, and Mumbai, living for over three years in each. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from DAVV Indoor University, I have also completed an MBA (IT) from SBP Pune University and am a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Certified Scrum Master. 

I started my career as a test engineer with a small eLearning firm. Since then, I’ve had opportunities to work as a Business Analyst, being responsible for the implementation of GDPR and the Salesforce/Sibel CRM integration with a global market research portal. Throughout my 7+ years of experience in the IT industry, I have continued to add to my skillset through project experience and continuous learning. 

I am currently a Consultant at Capco on data integration project. When looking for jobs, I typically look at companies in terms of revenue / growth, number of employees and work culture. Capco’s culture attracted my attention as did the company’s significant growth as a consultancy. I still haven’t visited the office, but everyone I’ve dealt with at Capco so far has been very supportive, providing relevant training and assistance, with quick turnarounds. 

Beginning as a Consultant in project coordination, data governance, and the development of dashboard capabilities, I am now in charge of a few key initiatives centred on platform productivity and mapping, as well as identifying automation opportunities within Ops Teams. 

My project mentors have guided me through in this journey, while Capco’s learning & development platform and mentorship program helped increase my domain knowledge and technical skills. In addition, the current client team’s contribution to my learning has been exceptional and my Capco peers have helped me develop or enhance skills such as project management, advanced Excel, Agile/Jira, design thinking, BPMN and Tableau dashboards.

Working with a new client is always a challenge. I am glad I have been able to achieve over and above my goals in my new role, which was within project/change management unlike my past roles within business analysis. The milestones I am most proud of are going from being a trainee at my previous company in 2021 to wearing the trainer’s hat in 2022, and also developing process modeling skills using BPMN 2.0 language which exceeded the expectations by overachieving the 2021 process mapping targets.

Throughout any failures or barriers in my quest, self-motivation and faith in God have always been my solid foundations. When I consider where my father and his forefathers began and how far I have come, it gives me all the energy and motivation I need to keep going in difficult times.

I am adventurous, like being surrounded by mountains, a marathon runner, a fitness lover, won a virtual 5K at my current client and an aspiring chef who isn't afraid of experimenting. Of special mention is volunteering for Biolite through Capco on selection and greenfield implementation of a CRM tool. Managing a project of a substantial scale, timeline, and headcount was a unique learning opportunity.