“I came to Capco to be challenged by new problems and be pushed to meet the higher standards of our clients.” 


Joined Capco:  2021 
Role:  Senior Consultant 
Primary Skills:  PM, BA, Intrapreneur 
Interests:  Hockey, Snowboarding, Travel 

I joined Capco because I wanted to learn new things and work on innovative new projects in financial services. Before Capco, I worked in project and program management at a couple of big banks, sometimes alongside consultants. I even worked on one project at a previous job with a consultant from Capco. From this experience, I could tell consulting would be a great job for me, and Capco would be an exciting consulting firm to work for.  

I came to Capco to be challenged by new problems and be pushed to meet the higher standards of our clients. Consulting is great because you know the work you are doing is directly benefiting the firm by bringing in revenue. Therefore, the harder you work, the more revenue you can bring to your firm. If you work harder in an industry job like ops, tech, or some other internal support function, you can help make things run more smoothly and reduce operational risk, but in most cases your added effort will not help the company’s bottom line.  

One innovative thing I am working on at Capco, which I am excited about, is LifePlus. For those who haven’t heard of LifePlus, it is a proof of concept for a financial wellness mobile application, which was created by a community at Capco called “Digital Wealth Management.” Designed by the amazing creatives on the Digital team, the LifePlus prototype offers clickable screens someone can see on their smartphone which illustrate the cutting-edge use cases LifePlus can solve for banking, wealth management, and insurance clients.  

The coolest thing about LifePlus is the way it revolutionizes the traditional consulting sales process. Normally, consulting firms put together a beautifully designed PowerPoint deck full of buzz words intended to seduce corporate executives. With LifePlus, the minimalist PowerPoint slides we present include a QR code, which prospects and clients can scan to view the financial wellness prototype on their own device. In addition, rather than emailing our prospective clients lengthy attachments with hope they will read them, Capco employees can forward clients a link to a two-minute LifePlus advertisement video on YouTube, which Capco’s marketing team created in order to showcase the impressive service offerings of Capco’s Digital Wealth Management team.  

Communities like that are one of the many reasons why Capco is such a great place to work. I have met some terrific Capco coworkers on my client projects, but the community opportunities I have volunteered with have allowed me to meet a multitude of phenomenal and energetic colleagues which I would have never met starting a job virtually anywhere else.  

Outside of work, I love traveling. I see myself as an SME in finding the cheapest flights and the best value for international trips. When traveling, I don’t look for museums and monuments. I ask the first coffee shop barista where the best and busiest local hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants are so I can immerse myself in the culture and energy of whatever town or city I find.