"There's no such thing as can't."

Joined Capco  2021
Role Managing Principal
Professional Skills  Non-financial risk management (NFRM) and regulatory
Interests  Family, outdoor sports, dancing

I'm a business graduate and political scientist, passionate about non-financial risk (NFR) management (over two decades), and a mother of three kids. Originally from Tyrol, I love the mountains and the food there. I grew up on a farm, so besides my office job, I can also milk cows and drive tractors. Since 2009, I've been living in Frankfurt and have been working in consulting for over ten years now.

A former colleague brought Capco to my attention which piqued my interest. During the application process, I had several interviews with various partners from the leadership team, including the NFR Lead. All conversations were very positive and pleasant. From the beginning, I felt that people were the focus here, and there was a high level of expertise – my main reasons for choosing Capco. When my son suddenly fell ill just before my start date, my hiring date had to be postponed. Again, Capco reacted very understandingly. The response from the responsible partner was, "Family comes first, no problem, we'll postpone the start date." 

I stumbled into NFR somewhat accidentally in 2004 and have found it incredibly exciting ever since. There's always something happening in terms of regulation, so new topics and challenges are constantly emerging. These risks, unlike financial risks, are not directly tangible, unpredictable, and can cause immense damage. That's what makes the topic especially exciting for me, particularly in terms of identification and management. NFR affects the entire organization, so you get insight into every department and work with many stakeholders - older and younger, introverts and extroverts, open-minded and safety-oriented – each with their own perspectives on the subjectively assessed non-financial risk types. Methodologically and organizationally, NFR offers a lot of room for development, including in terms of artificial intelligence (AI). 

I have accumulated my expertise over many years - as an NFR expert and project manager, banking examiner at the Austrian National Bank, senior expert at the ECB, author, and consultant. In addition, I have always placed special emphasis on building a good network, getting to know people, engaging in conversations, exchanging thoughts, and developing ideas together. Since 2011, I have also been involved in adult education. I have lectured at universities and am currently a lecturer at the Frankfurt School and VöB Service. Taking responsibility for and actively shaping things I’m involved in is of extremely high importance to me. Especially as a woman in the consulting industry, it is important to be visible and, most importantly, to trust yourself. My motto is "There's no such thing as can't" (Richard Branson). If you want something badly enough, there's (almost) always a way to make it happen, so look for opportunities. 

Within the Capco community, team cohesion is very strong. During my parental leave, my colleagues pushed projects forward. As a part-timer post-maternity, having an excellent team as backup is particularly important, and we have successfully advised our clients together for several years, driving the NFR agenda forward. 

Outside of work and to unwind, I spend quality time with my children. It grounds me every time to see the world through their eyes. We enjoy relaxing outdoors, taking a walk or jogging in the forest. And last but not least, I love dancing and seize every opportunity to do so. The parties at Capco always provide the best opportunity for that.

A call to potential applicants: Capco is a great employer that offers many opportunities for individual development. Professionally, you can unleash your potential and have many opportunities to contribute, such as writing thought leadership articles or offering training on specific topics for colleagues. The human aspect is paramount, and the cohesion among colleagues is great – apply to Capco and become part of our team.