“On a personal level, working with Capco has helped expand my network with some amazingly talented and helpful professionals who don’t shy away from going an extra mile to help you.”

Joined Capco:     2018
Role at Capco:   Senior Consultant Business Analysis
Primary skills: Change Management, Project Management
Interests: Travelling, Adventure, Cooking  

It is common for small-town families in India to have great hopes for their kin. As the eldest son in my family (and the extended family), the expectations on me and responsibilities were even higher.  Growing up in a small industrial town (Jamshedpur), I always aspired to achieve higher feats in any field or work that interested me. That ambitious attitude helped me excel in my academics where I won several awards at inter-school and inter-college levels in extracurricular activities such as drama and sports alongside core academics. After completing high school, I decided to pursue a career in finance as I always had an interest in financial markets and general economics of a country. I moved to Kolkata, one of the metro cities in India, to pursue a degree in accounting and finance. For a small-town boy to live and study in a metro was an indication that if I continued to work hard, I would be destined for better things in life. This sense of accomplishment accentuated my desire to become a professional in the corporate sector. 

I started my corporate career with a global Tier I investment bank in the operations team responsible for fund accounting. That was when I developed an interest in business analysis and change, which was the starting phase of my professional career roadmap. The transition from a core operations to a change role was not easy, but my natural way of thinking “why” about processes instead of the operational rhetoric of “how” definitely helped. 

In 2018, when I was looking for a change, I got a call from Capco through one of the job portals about a potential role. I knew Capco as a huge name in the niche segment of business analysis and project management, so getting an offer to work here was a pleasant surprise. The initial discussions around the role and my capabilities went well, but it was the second round of discussions that really put me in my place. I still fondly remember the conversation, at the end of which I was sweating and disappointed thinking that I hadn’t done well and may not qualify. When I got the call from HR that I had made it, I knew I had achieved something I always wanted. 

I knew a few people at Capco already when I joined, which helped me lose the early nervousness of joining a new organization. My onboarding process was smooth as I also knew which client and team I was going to work in. The onboarding team proactively set up client interviews to ascertain my fitment in the role, before I became part of Capco. However, what really kick-started my wonderful experience of working here was what I saw on the first day – a senior leader who managed the account walking up to everyone’s cubicle and asking them how they were and what issues they were facing, I knew I had landed at a great place to work. The work culture, dynamics, an easily approachable leadership and the close-knit family we have at Capco are the things that truly stood out for me. In addition, my experience of working with UK clients in my prior organizations and the brief stint I had working in London helped me build good rapport with my clients.

My biggest achievement at Capco so far has been the ability to contribute and add value to client organizations and the Capco community. On the core deliverables side, I have been part of key projects and programs around Brexit, broker onboarding and other revenue enablement changes. On the community and consulting side, I have been part of the CSR team, Learning & Development teams, Cultural team and also conducted recruitment interviews. The leadership have always been supportive and gave me the chance to work on these initiatives whenever I raised my hand. On a personal level, working with Capco has helped expand my network with some amazingly talented and helpful professionals who don’t shy away from going an extra mile to help you. I am so proud to be able to count on a few mentors who have advised, guided, and sometimes corrected me along my journey at Capco.

When I joined Capco, I worked with one of Capco’s biggest clients, a global Tier I investment bank. My clients have been mostly UK based and the projects I have worked on predominantly revolve around business/revenue enablement and regulatory compliance. Along my journey I am glad to have had the opportunity to work on some big projects/programs like Brexit and MIFID II, which not only helped develop my vision as a BA but also helped shape me into a prospective project manager which is the next level I aspire to reach. I have also been part of the Change the Bank team at a client, while working on cash equity products.

Beyond work, I feel my humble upbringing has made me someone who is always on his toes to help – be it friends, families, or the community at large. I have a heart for charity and am part of the CSR team at Capco. One thought I firmly believe in is “aim for the stars but keep your feet on the ground”. 

One of my best accomplishments here at Capco has been the opportunity to be the delivery lead for the India Impact Consulting Group (ICG - an initiative of the global CSR team) over the past two years. As part of ICG, Capco provides pro-bono consulting services to smaller organizations engaged in community development and working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, we worked with Biolite – an organization engaged in manufacturing and selling domestic lighting and cooking products using alternative sources of energy. I led the project, along with a team of amazing consultants, to select and implement a CRM tool for Biolite to help them better manage their after-sales services. This was a great learning opportunity for me as I got a chance to manage, lead and deliver a project of such scale and impact. This year I am leading a project with Wildlife Trust of India to help setup their database management systems using Power BI tools.

I also love taking part in cultural and recreational activities as an active member of the Fun Food Friday team in my account where we engage employees in fun activities and team building games.