“ To be successful you really need a growth mindset in place, willingness to learn & change and a culture of trust and openness.”

Joined Capco: 2021
Role: Senior Consultant - Ways of Working
Primary skills: Scrum master, Agile coach, Software development and testing, Social media analytics
Interests: Walking, cooking, travelling, photography

I grew up in small town just 40 miles from India’s capital New Delhi. Growing up I didn’t have many career aspirations, but I knew I was different from everyone in my family. I was always very curious, asking so many questions, challenging why things are way they are, and eager to learn everything I find interesting. 

From a very young age, from learning how to cook, crochet, sew and paint, to taking hair and makeup courses and watching crime thrillers, forensic science programmes and other factual channels, I have done all I could to feed my constant hunger for information. I also loved talking to people and I was the most social person in my circle of family and friends.  

In 2006 I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, married the love of my life and came to the UK with dreams of a successful career in computing. I now have two beautiful children who are as strong-willed as I am.

Since I am always eager to learn new things, I was looking for opportunities where I could work on a wide range of projects, have the opportunity to interact and learn from lot of different people, and build a solid career and multiple skills without having to change jobs. Capco’s job adverts on LinkedIn caught my attention and – being a consultancy –  it was what I was looking for.

From my very first chat with a Capco recruitment consultant through to my regular one-to-ones with my coach and performance managers today, I feel Capco is very open and clear in its expectations, not least that they hire the best talent. During every stage of the interview process I was kept informed about what was expected from me, which helped me immensely to prepare.

Capco understood that, being a mum of two, I would need to work flexibly. During the interview, I was very open in saying that my family comes first, and the company was fully supportive of my choice to put my personal commitments first – which made me feel like working all the harder for the business. Upon accepting my employment offer, my Capco coach called me to welcome me into the team – which meant I already knew someone before starting on my first day. 

Throughout my career at Capco I have been blessed with great coaches and mentors, and I truly believe my career has been enhanced thanks to their guidance. If you can do well on your own, you will only do better with the right coach and mentor by your side – and Capco has given me both. I am open with them and they bring out the best in me. I look to do the same with my own proteges.
I am currently working with a prestigious global banking client on implementing a scaled agile framework. It is at once a great learning opportunity and achievement for me. I am pleased to be making a positive impact on their existing processes and my suggestions are always welcome. As part of my projects, I am now meeting people around the globe and adapting to and appreciating their cultures and values.  

My knowledge and skills are truly recognised within both my client and Capco itself, making this a great place to work. In Capco,. I see opportunities to continue to progress my career and make a still greater impact with even more clients. What makes Capco stand out is that we are respected as individuals, regardless of appearance, gender, diversity, or faith. I am proud to say I am Capco.