"I was sceptical at the start, as I was new to financial services, but I was provided with ample training, exposure to client-centric data work and recognition at every level."


Joined Capco       2021
Role at Capco       Consultant
Professional Skills        Data Analytics and Business Analytics
Interests        Exploring nature, Scientific experiments


I have been part of the Capco family since March 2021 in the Data & Analytics domain. I come from Mysore - a heritage city where I grew up being an introvert during my childhood but transitioned into an extrovert, setting aside my fears and mental barriers. I believe what makes me stand out from the crowd is the ability to get into a situation or problem at a very granular level and the constant quest for ‘why’, which helps me get into the real root of the problem. This problem-solving mindset is helping me in my personal life as well as driving my dream and passion of exploring nature to solve societal problems.

I graduated in mechanical engineering and worked in the manufacturing industry for the initial few years. Later my interest in analytics and AI was the key driver for a major career move as I switched to data science. The first interview and the first impression were sufficient to make me comfortable and confident about joining Capco. My onboarding also went ‘like a flash’, taking just a few days. 

I’m confident in saying that the initial training which I received at the start of my journey at Capco is what provided with me a solid base and brought me to the level I am today, driving project delivery with minimal support from leads.

I was very skeptical at the start, as I had just changed industries and was new to financial services, and also due to the fact that my mechanical background and data are both ‘extreme ends’. However, I did not feel pressured while I was going through the transition. I was provided with ample training, involved in various client-centric use cases within the Data Practice and recognized at every level for effort and good work, which motivated me to ‘stretch’ further.

I would also like to highlight the opportunities that Capco and its leadership provide which allow Associates (the most junior level) to engage in team activities and take ownership. If you have ideas and drive, it doesn’t matter what level you are at. And there’s always extensive training available to stay at the forefront of our fast-evolving industry. In addition, Capco is committed to helping its people grow and progress their careers. My contribution and work were recognized and I was promoted to Consultant in less than a year. 

I’m currently working at a leading global investment bank on their big data ecosystem. I am involved in developing a standardized set of data assets which are structured and tailored to generate business insights with proper data governance in place. I am also working on a new project with the client which aims to build a capability within the bank for advanced analytics and network graph generation. This would provide actionable insights to facilitate increase of wallet share as well as servicing various financial-risk fraud use cases. It is a great opportunity since many training and certification opportunities have been offered which further enhance my skillset. Also, the outcomes of an ESG (environmental, social & governance) use case/project which I have worked on, help the client in their reporting and disclosure commitments as they transition towards net-zero financed emissions and green financing which are both high priorities in today’s world.

Apart from data, I am passionate about exploring nature and its mysteries, which I also blog about with an aim to ignite ideas for how to solve environmental and societal problems. I believe in spreading knowledge, exploring diversity and contributing to society.

Together with my team, I am also involved in various activities and fun events, such as fitness challenge, photography challenge, etc. This provides a platform for team members to get out of their sometimes stressful work environment as well as creating a sense of oneness with the team.  Also, under the same umbrella of team collaboration, I am part of the buddy program for new joiners, welcoming them and ensuring they have a smooth onboarding at Capco