“People don’t understand that when I grew up, I was never the most talented. I was never the biggest. I was never the fastest. I certainly was never the strongest. The only thing I had was my work ethic, and that’s been what has gotten me this far.” – Tiger Woods

Joined Capco: 2016
Role:                  Senior Consultant
Primary skills:  PMO Management, Supply/ Demand Management, Process Improvement & Report Automation
Interests:          I love to be active so if I’m not playing golf or football I’ll be out walking with our dog and baby girl.

For me, the quote from Tiger Woods above has so many meanings but none stronger than demonstrating that having the right mindset will help you succeed in life. I joined Capco in 2016 from another Consultancy due to the broad spectrum of available local roles, as well as an opportunity to be part of a huge growth journey. The Capco Scotland office had only just opened the year prior to me joining and had around 40 consultants. 

From my very first interview it was clear what Capco meant to the leadership team. An interview that felt like more of relaxed discussion with the Head of Scotland really set the tone for the whole process. My mindset changed as I progressed through the process, from being intrigued to really wanting to get involved with Capco. Now we’re over 200 consultants in Scotland it’s great to see that the culture and values of the firm haven’t changed, something that the leadership team are very passionate about. 

My roles have varied to suit my career ambitions within the last 5 years, one of the many benefits of joining Capco. As I progressed from Consultant to Senior Consultant I have been able to transform my roles to suit the expertise required whilst going on various training courses to further progress my knowledge set. To provide an insight, one of my recent roles was developing a supply/ demand model that can be used interactively by senior executives to model pipeline demand against the current resource pools (circa 600 resources). This completely transformed the way the business made decisions and transitioned away from static PowerPoint presentations to making real time go/ no go decisions on strategic pipeline initiatives.  

Aside from the client and project side of the business, Capco allows you the opportunity to get involved in various other initiatives, from corporate social responsibility to health and wellbeing. You can either get involved in ongoing initiatives or create your own with sponsorship from our leadership teams. I’ve led many great community initiatives but one of my favourites would be a charity football match including ex Scottish footballers against a joint client/ Capco team – We raised £3000 for the chosen charity that day (SAMH) who were very grateful for the support.

Throughout my career at Capco I have had invaluable support from both my performance managers and coaches. The Coaching model set up within Capco is extremely useful to provide career guidance and has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I now coach 3 proteges and seeing their progression and development is extremely rewarding.