“Joining Capco quickly led to one of the most educational and empowering co-ops I have ever completed”



First Joined Capco:  2018
Re-joined Capco: 2020
Role: Analyst
Primary Skills: Human Resources, Resource Management
Interests: Skiing, travel, cooking


My exposure to Capco Toronto started when I was 18 years old. While looking for my first co-op I was introduced to Capco’s Recruitment Lead. I had not heard of Capco, a global consulting business in the financial services industry, so had no inkling that the team was looking for support within their corporate services division. Thankfully, joining Capco quickly led to one of the most educational and empowering co-ops I have ever completed, supporting the Corporate Services team, and having my ideas heard and advocated for. 


I spent four exciting months with Capco Toronto during the Summer of 2018, before returning to Dalhousie to finish my degree. I had taken co-op placements within other financial companies but kept in touch with my peers and colleagues from Capco. Winter 2020 rolled around, and I was looking for my last co-op placement, a prerequisite for graduation.


2020 was an uncertain time for everyone, with a particularly tough job market. I had very fond memories of Capco Toronto and their company culture, so reached out to my previous manager who had little hesitation in bringing me back onboard. For me, returning to Capco was a no-brainer and I felt extremely fortunate.


I spent four months working remotely for Capco. Following this second placement, I was given the opportunity to remain a part-time Capco employee, while I finished my final semesters of school. During this time my responsibilities increased, and I began thinking about my future career. The final years of an undergraduate degree bring a lot of uncertainties, but through my development with Capco, I knew I was aspiring to be a full-time Capco employee. Fortunately for me, there was an opening, and I was able to increase my responsibilities once again, further my career and all while staying with a company I had been happily connected with and openly enthusiastic about for over three years. 


There have been many changes in the four years since I first started with Capco, not only within the team and the company but within my own professional interests! Despite this, Capco Toronto has always managed to support and empower me. I’ve been a full-time Capco employee, within the Resource Management Team, for about 18 months, and I think it goes without saying that I am excited to see what the future holds and how my career will continue to shape and grow with Capco Toronto.