“I knew that this was a place where I would enjoy coming to work. It is a hub of energy with a great mix of professionalism, camaraderie, and laughter.”

Joined Capco 2022
Role Managing Principal
Professional Skills Capital markets, risk, and resilience 
Interests Manchester United Football Club, travelling, interior design and building renovation

I grew up in London, England and went to university in my mid-twenties to study economics - I was a late starter! Then I moved to Hong Kong, working for a large global corporate and investment bank. That’s where I got married and lived for 10 years, eventually becoming a permanent resident. I also earned my MBA at Hong Kong University, which led to roles working in Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney. 

As you can probably tell, I love to travel! My favorite countries are Jamaica, Ghana, India, Thailand, and Brazil. I’ve also had plenty of adventures along the way. I once had to negotiate my way out of a dangerous situation when I was almost kidnapped by bandits during a backpacking holiday. On a lighter note, I adore food from all over the world, especially the flavors of my Caribbean heritage. All these experiences have shaped who I am today. 

Professionally, I’ve always focused on the financial services industry. So, it wasn’t long before I discovered Capco and its impressive reputation in the consultancy space. In fact, during my previous role I hired Capco to undertake a large cybersecurity project. Plus, I had friends who had worked at Capco, and they gave me some great feedback when I applied for my current role. 

First impressions were incredibly positive. My interviews went very smoothly and were quite pleasant. It never felt unduly stressful even though the questions from the interviewers, who were all Partners, were quite challenging. 

The environment in the New York office is terrific. I knew that this was a place where I would enjoy coming to work. It is a hub of energy with a great mix of professionalism, camaraderie, and laughter. That really came to the fore when we had big screens set up in the office for the 2022 World Cup. The atmosphere was electric as people gathered round to watch the games. We shared a lot of good times during those weeks. 

These experiences also tie in with how Capco encourages you to Be Yourself at Work. I have to say this is one of the best things about working here. We have an incredibly diverse team with many different backgrounds and perspectives. This runs across the entire business from leadership positions to new starters and support staff.

It goes without saying that my work is also rewarding and enjoyable. My current project is a great example. We are helping design a global resilience strategy that enables the client bank to maintain its core processing and operational objectives following a ransomware cyber-attack. The most satisfying aspect of the project (aside from collaborating with an amazing team) has been delivering the solution for each of the bank’s departments while rising to overcome different challenges. It’s been a great experience. 

Working at Capco also gives me a great life balance. I’ve been married for 16 years, and I have a daughter who is at a medical school in Eastern Europe. My other passion is watching my team Manchester United play in the English Premier League. Although being on the other side of the world, I only get to live games about once per season. When it comes to just chilling out after work, I also watch a lot of home renovation shows. Maybe it’s the consultant inside me, but I love watching designers at work and how the clients respond to the end results!