"Consulting offers a continuous learning opportunity, thanks to the variety of subjects you can be working on and the challenges you may face.”

Joined Capco  2022 
Role  Senior Consultant 
Professional Skills  Risk Management, Project Management 
Interests  Hiking, Outdoor activities, Cooking 


Being raised in Lebanon, a special yet paradoxical country, has shaped my personality and aspirations. I was also highly influenced by my parents’ strong-minded spirit as they faced tough circumstances, working hard to raise five children and provide us with the best education. All of this has pushed me to be a hard-working, determined person and led to me pursuing opportunities abroad. I moved to France four years ago to complete a Master’s degree in International Business after earning a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. 

After an internship at a Big Four firm within their financial services consulting team in France, I realized that consulting offers a continuous learning opportunity, thanks to the variety of subjects you can be working on and the challenges you may face. Yet, when the client asked me to join the company to work on a special project, I took that path and worked for French banks as a risk analyst and a project manager. When working within a bank, you learn a lot at the beginning of your journey, but it may become routine after a while. This is a major difference compared to consulting where there’s change and novelty most of the time. 

When a Capco recruiter contacted me, I was ready for a change. I got a chance of being interviewed by two notable MPs who had been working for Capco for 10 years. Their presentation of the company, the team and the projects, the remarkable discussions impressed me and made me curious to discover more. Adding to that, the proactivity and support of the recruiter really helped. When I had to choose my next company, it was mainly Capco’s people that made me want to join the firm.  

In February 2022, I joined Capco’s Paris office as a consultant. The warm welcome the new joiners received on our first day, the new colleagues I met, and the pleasant office environment made me realize that I had made the right decision. What I also appreciate at Capco is the really approachable corporate department. They make sure that the integration of new joiners goes well by organizing several touchpoints to collect our feedback.

The onboarding process was very well organized and my project started right away after joining. I have been working on an interesting project for a top-tier European bank where I am fortunate enough to have empowering management. I have benefited from constructive feedback and support to get out of my comfort zone, as well as the chance to take responsibilities and further develop both my technical and soft skills. In addition, I was assigned a coach who frequently contacts me to ensure that everything is on the right track. In parallel to client projects, there are several communities at Capco focusing on internal projects such as Risk & Finance. Being part of a community is a chance to discover new subjects, contribute to the firm and at the same time make new connections.

Outside of work, I am an outdoor person, and you can find me hiking, paddle boarding, discovering parks and woods. These activities are a way to slow down, reflect on what is happening and recharge. I am also fond of cooking; good meals are an excellent way to bring people together and have a good time. I inherited my love for outdoors and cooking from my family as those were activities we used to do together. I left home four years ago but I maintain the strong bond I have with my family - they are my support system and I owe everything I am to them.