"Capco came into my life at the right moment, and I ended up falling in love with this company, right from the first interview."

Joined Capco: 2016
Role:         Principal Consultant
Primary skills: Program Management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Stakeholder Management
Interests: Strength Training, Gardening, Picking up interesting books and novels, Coaching


My parents had 9 to 5 jobs at a national institution, but I’ve always enjoyed breaking the routine and doing something different and spontaneous. Joining a consultancy, where clients, projects and working hours can be challenging at times, was a decision I made to allow some adventure into my otherwise well-protected and well-planned life.


Growing up in India - a place where immediate and extended families are closely knit, I am used to people with varied religious faiths and customs coming together to celebrate each other’s festivals and beliefs. This helps with being flexible, adaptable and open to cultural differences while nurturing your own identity. Consultancy has given me the opportunity to work with diverse clients on varied problem statements and projects, while still being able to grow within my domain and specific areas of work through every engagement.


I heard about Capco from a former colleague. I had completed close to a decade in my previous company as a consultant in capital markets by then and was ready to move on. Capco came into my life at the right moment, and I ended up falling in love with this company, right from the first interview. And I feel that the feeling is mutual! I joined this company after speaking with a few people working here. They told me about the good work ethic and how Capco supports its employees with training and development opportunities. I felt that the work was meaningful and that there was flexibility in terms of projects you wanted to work on, while the culture and HR policies were people oriented.


The company gives you the freedom to manage your own projects, has a flat organization and I have not yet seen a culture of micromanagement. It has given me recognition that I felt I deserved as well as the opportunity to be myself and be appreciated for being different and doing things differently. As a part of an account management team, I am proud to work for a company that genuinely makes an effort to encourage diversity and inclusion at work and is fair to minorities, in all aspects.


When I joined Capco as a senior consultant, within six month I was given a chance to lead a team which transformed me into a leader, giving me the opportunity to manage people, make decisions to retain people in my team, manage clients, and grow my team. Along with some colleagues, I also started a Business Analysis Center of Excellence within the client account we were working at, which we have expanded to other accounts.


In terms of projects, managing a cash equities portfolio for one of the leading global investment banks has been one of my biggest roles so far. Here I was also given the opportunity to hone my program management skills such as stakeholder management and a deeper understanding of domain concepts and processes performed by ops and business in a bank, which was exactly what I wanted to do as a next step in my career.


My inspiration has always been my mother who has stood her grounds when faced with adverse situations. She has made my sister and me realize the importance of being flexible and financially independent.