“When your work is varied, it keeps it interesting.” 


Joined Capco: March 2022 
Role:  Senior Consultant 
Primary Skills:  Agile 
Interests:  Workplace Mental Health, Aviation 

There can be a fine line between comfortable and challenging. When your work is varied, it keeps it interesting. At the same time, a good routine can be incredibly valuable. I enjoy how the work at Capco is varied. Each client engagement is a unique experience. While there are always challenges to overcome, those hurdles provide opportunities for growth and learning.

That’s just one of the many things I enjoy about my work at Capco. As a cross-domain business consultant, I accomplish objectives. My focus is Agility and I help clients deliver (or learn to deliver) in a way that is iterative, lean, and efficient. That all translates to my daily interactions incorporating managed expectations and relationships. It also involves the analysis of various assessment tools, a commitment to offering sound advice, consistent availability, transparency, and a persistent bias to accomplish goals (objectives) which enable client business success.  

Outside of my daily work, the people are the draw for being a part of Capco. In my relatively short time with the company, I have been impressed with the openness, commitment, and professionalism of the people I interact with on a regular basis. There is ample opportunity and encouragement to explore beyond your primary skill and discover interesting and professionally rewarding community work experiences. 

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Capco really does embrace a “be yourself at work” mindset. As a veteran, I am fortunate to help lead the Veterans at Capco affinity group. I understand the skills that many former service members bring to their employers – leadership, commitment, flexibility, comportment, loyalty, and performance. It is important to me that Capco has policies in place to support veteran employees and ensure that it is well-established as a military friendly company. It also affords an opportunity for corporate social responsibility work which could help the U.S. veteran community as a whole. All of this simply reinforces that Capco is a place for veterans with the right skills and mindset to utilize their abilities for a new kind of “mission accomplishment.”  

All these attributes, along with competitive pay and an opportunity for promotion, make Capco an easy place to recommend to those who are looking for opportunities within the consulting space.