"I felt that Capco would provide the right platform to showcase my skills as well as an opportunity to develop new ones."

Joined Capco:  2011
Role:                   Managing Principal
Primary skills:   Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture
Interests:           Cooking, running, cycling, yoga

I joined Capco on 14th February 2011, wearing a bold red Valentine’s Day themed tie adorned with hearts. I had spent the previous eight years of my career at Accenture, which I had much enjoyed on a technical level on my journey to Senior Manager but was looking for growth into Program Management roles, specializing in Finance.

Eleven years on, Capco remains my second home. It has seen me through some challenging periods of my life, but I have always been the sort of person for whom having a strong work focus helped me drive through the other challenges that life throws at you.

Capco has given me many opportunities to learn and grow in experience during my time here, and every day I continue that learning and development journey. I have worked for some of the largest and most complex global financial services businesses, which have taken me to different countries, and in varied and challenging roles that regularly stretched my comfort zone.

No day in a Capco career is a dull day – we are, after all, primarily a people business – and people are not always entirely predictable!

One thing I have always appreciated about Capco is the willingness of the leadership team to be open and be challenged with new ideas/approaches. Often, the challenge comes with a high degree of creative energy that can be harnessed for beneficial change. That is the standard operating procedure here at Capco. Think differently… change the challenge…

My latest job is to lead the growth of Capco UK in the North West. That is hugely exciting both on a personal and professional level. Sadly, my father was diagnosed with dementia in 2020, and I wanted to spend more time with them, but they live in Chester. I talked to the UK leadership team about this to find a way to continue my Capco career while moving to Chester, and now I live here with a wonderful new role and a fantastic growth opportunity!

I now look forward to building my fantastic new team in the North West and helping them develop as great consultants by sharing my 24+ years of consulting experience.